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Our men's office and suit socks are lightweight socks that have been designed to be worn under smart, office shoes. Wear a pair of classic black suit socks for a sophisticated, understated look. Or be daring and opt for a pair of bright coloured socks; we have a huge collection of shades. Make a statement and choose from our stripy, spotty or argyle patterned socks. Why not pick up a pair that match your favourite tie?

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What are men’s Office and Suit socks?
We’re tempted to say “men’s socks you wear at the office”, or “socks men wear with a suit”, but since we’re nice SOCKSHOP people, office socks are fairly formal socks suitable for wearing during business hours, that are acceptable to your company and its clients. It’s pretty much the same for suit socks, which are socks that complement rather than clash with your choice of suit.

What’s a good material for office or suit socks?
Generally, go for natural yarns. Cotton, wool or bamboo socks are usually a sound pick, made to be soft, silky and fine. Natural fibres are always breathable and absorbent to moisture helping keep skin dry. Smart office shoes are usually quite tight-fitting, which is why suit socks are fine gauge and thin. Most good suit socks have smooth toe seams, sometimes called hand linked toes too, that are more comfortable for office shoes.

Sensible, not boring
Most offices and businesses expect a certain level of sensible behaviour, so sensible socks are a good idea. Suit socks should be kept plain and simple coordinating with your suit. They don’t need to match the colour, but must complement it - no clashes. Men’s office socks can have a bit of carefully chosen style though. Try a subtly striped sock or a small polka dot pattern.

No, we don’t mean ‘cool man’ - we mean socks that are actually cooler to your feet. Even in a air-conditioned office, you probably won’t be needing thick thermal socks. For a long day at the office, you and your feet will appreciate socks that thermoregulate, meaning they breathe out warm air which works to cool your feet - the clever fibres of bamboo and merino wool socks are especially good at this, as is specially treated mercerised cotton react those fibres tend to handle sweat well too, wicking away moisture.

A short word about length
Men’s suit socks are nearly always half calf length or longer. That’s because no-one wants to see a man’s bare leg poking out between his socks and trousers when he sits down. If you’re going for the ‘no socks’ look with a contemporary suit, pick a pair of low cut ‘invisible’ socks that sit under the top of your shoes. For suits, no in-between lengths work - crew socks are a hard ‘no’ socks for suits! We’ve got all the office and suit socks you need here at SOCKSHOP.




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