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Men's Casual Socks

Our men's casual socks are an everyday choice, perfect to be worn with jeans and informal trousers. Our collection of men's casual socks includes plain and patterned leisure options, from a huge variety of brands, some with a special cushioned foot and comfortable hand linked toe seams.


What is a casual sock?
How do you define a man’s casual sock? Well, let’s start by examining what isn’t a casual sock. Boot socks? No, too thick. Yes, they’re socks made for leisure, but they aren’t strictly causal either. Dress socks - they’re definitely not casual. Tight, extra-fine gauge, close-fitting and usually basic black, that’s everything a decent casual sock isn’t. Casual socks should make you feel happy - a bit like a novelty sock but without the poop emojis. Although, if that’s a man’s sock that makes you feel good, go for it.

Everyday socks that make you feel good
Casual socks are easy-going, soft and comfortable. They can be plain or patterned socks, textured or smooth, short socks, calf or crew length socks. In fact, the only thing most men’s casual socks have in common is that they’re not worn in formal circumstances. Casual socks for men are generally fine gauge, or can be mid-gauge for when it’s cooler, or your shoe is looser-fitting.

Casual doesn’t mean average
Just because you’re on a casual day, it shouldn’t mean that you neglect your feet. Buy quality socks and it will reward you because your feet will be healthier. All our men’s socks at SOCKSHOP are great quality, made with good natural fibres and superior technical synthetics to ensure your feet can breathe and stay healthy.

Packed with style
Typically, your man’s casual sock is sold in multipacks or single or mixed colour sets of socks. They’re a great idea because you can quickly build a useful assortment of styles and colours for a men’s sock drawer ready for any occasion... as long as it’s a casual one!




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