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SOCKSHOP Ladies' Gentle Bamboo Socks with smooth toe seems

Our Gentle Natural Bamboo range of ladies' socks teams cute colour combos with gentle gripping cuffs, smooth toe seams and super soft bamboo for the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Ladies' sports and gym socks at SOCKSHOP

Bring out your fun, feminine and fashionable side with new and classic styles from ELLE, from fancy florals and cute motifs to staple shades and pretty pastels.


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All the single ladies

Ladies, love your foot? ‘Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a sock on it! The delicate skin of the feet need some love, and that’s what ladies' socks provide. If you don’t want feet that are covered with blisters, cuts and dry skin patches, always pick out a pair of socks, even for your daintiest pumps.

Halt – Who goes bare?

No-one should go barefoot. Even when you are in skimpy sandals or doing a yoga class, there is a pair of womens’ socks that will be ideal for the task, protecting your skin and, in the case of yoga, even helping you grip better with anti-slip grips and five-toe designs.

Sheer ladies’ shoe liners will beautify and protect a woman’s foot. There are even ones for mules and other backless shoes that only cover the toes and ball of the foot. For court shoes and pumps, there are invisible socks that sit low on the foot, out of sight but with your feet firmly in mind.

Pimp out your pumps

Add a bit of ‘zhuzh’ to even your dullest dolly shoes or plainest pumps. We’ve a wide array of decorated socks for ladies, with wild patterns and fun designs. Some of our socks have glitter lurex shot through them for instant glam, or we even have some styles with diamanté motifs and pompoms! Have some fun with your socks!

Stocks and stocks of socks

It’s not all silver sparkles and ditsy dots for ladies’ socks though, and at the SOCKSHOP we’ve got you covered with the best basics. Stock up on your everyday women’s socks to take you through the week in comfort. We’ve got multipacks of plain and patterned socks of various colours, textures and leg lengths. Under-ankle sports socks in black or knee-high socks in stripes, they’re all here!

Chill, don’t freeze

When the weather turns cold, cosy up in thick, snuggly ladies’ boot socks while you’re out and about, and kick the shoes off and relax next to the fire with soft, chunky home socks or slipper socksAnd, when it’s bedtime, pull on some extra soft bed socks. For an extra touch of luxury, we’ve got womens’ socks in cashmere and mohair knits to warm you all night long.

Looking for that special sock?

Give yourself, or someone else, a toe-pleasing treat with some specially-chosen socks, either single pairs or in a curated gift set. You can get themed sock sets or pick from a huge range of famous character socks too. We’ve got styles for every occasion, Valentines to birthdays. And for Christmas, we have extra-special, giant advent calendar collections – imagine that, a brand new surprise gift every day of Christmas!

Womens’ socks for every occasion

Ladies, we know you spend so many hours on your feet each day, so pamper your feet with socks that make a difference. Whether you want to protect your feet whilst out hiking, want to snuggle up on the sofa with your duvet and some slipper socks or need something a bit more glam for a night out, SOCKSHOP has got you covered.

Shop the range of womens’ socks now and discover your feet’s new best friends.