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Bamboo Shoe Liners

Perfect for pairing with your pumps or other low cut shoes for a no sock look with all the comfort of a sock, these shoe liners have been made from natural bamboo. Bamboo is an incredibly fibre, and is 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton in warm weather, but also warm when it gets cold out. Bamboo is breathable, with moisture wicking and antibacterial properties, keeping feet feeling fresh and comfortable.

The sock secret of bamboo shoe liners
Call them secret socks, invisible socks or shoe liners, but those low-riding foot covers are essential to give you the sockless look without the smelly, sweaty problems of going barefoot all day. For the same reasons, bamboo is a great fibre choice for regular length socks, men’s and ladies’ bamboo liners should be right up there on your sock shopping list.

Protect your skin and your shoes
One of the big problems with the no-socks fashion is that your feet get all hot and bothered in shoes and trainers, with nowhere for that heat and damp to go but right into the material of your shoes, ruining them. It’s not great for your skin either. But bamboo socks fix a lot of those problems.

The sweet non-smell of bamboo
Socks made in bamboo are soft, silky and have natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, so the bacteria that causes foot odour has nothing to hold onto. You feel fresh, your feet stay healthy. So bamboo shoe liners make really good sense.

Dry, cool, comfortable
Pull on a fresh pair of bamboo shoe liners and you get the exceptionally breathable fibre’s excellent moisture and heat handling abilities, absorbing sweat before it gets a problem, then wicking it away. Bamboo has thermoregulating properties, making socks and shoe liners woven in it able to keep your feet cool in hotter weather and warmer when it gets cold!

Bamboo is better for the environment
Bamboo is great for shoe liners, as we’ve shown you, but if you’re eco-friendly, you’ll like bamboo for its planet-pleasing and sustainability as a resource. Bamboo grows fast, and is naturally antibacterial, so its growers don’t tend to use soil-damaging pesticides. It doesn’t need as much space as crops like cotton, so more can be grown per acre. Bamboo is very water-efficient, saving resources and it can output 35% more oxygen than trees.




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