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Men's Welly Socks

Whether you're heading to dance in a field at a festival, or pitching your tent for a weekend of camping, keep your feet cosy in those trusty wellies with our selection of welly socks for men. Choose from a range of colours and styles, and team with your shorts or layer over your jeans!

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Thicker, longer, stronger
Wellys? Wellies? Wellington boots? However you spell it or say it, when you’re wearing those rubber rain haters and festival favourites, you need a sock that’s up to the task. Welly socks - or any kind of men’s long boot socks for that matter – need to fulfil one basic but important function. Welly boot socks need to fill those boots properly, and so that means thick knits and long legs.

Suited to being booted
Loose boots usually lead to blisters, due to the feet constantly sliding around, causing friction damage. Thick socks fill out the boot, protecting you from cold at the same time. Of course, wellys aren’t the only boots that need long chunky socks. Mountaineering socks and hiking socks fill much the same requirements and even ice hockey boots, riding boots and ski boots need longer-fitting padded socks, albeit with more technically-placed cushioning.

Up to the knee
For extra warmth, and leg protection, longer knee-high socks can be worn with shorter length boots and not just wellingtons. Socks for walking boots, golfing socks and hunting/shooting socks are generally long leg, covering and protecting against the natural environment’s ability to cause abrasions from rocks, shrubs, and in the case of golf, errant golf clubs!

Warmer in the welly
The great thing about welly socks is that they’re super-efficient at keeping you warm. These thermal socks make a miserable, wet day feel much better, so pick good ones. Either go for the type that are heat holders, that can retain warmth in brushed pile inners, or pick naturally insulating merino wool socks or luxury mohair socks. And, if you want to make extra sure, go for a waterproof sock!