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Men's Trainer Socks

Whether you’re wearing your favourite pair of fashionable Converse trainers or your Nike workout trainers, accessorise them with a pair of discreet men’s trainer socks. Our selection of trainer socks for men feature an extensive range of styles: from patterned to plain, bamboo to cushioned. Whatever your trainer choice, we have the perfect pair of men’s trainer socks to complement them with brands like Pringle, PUMA and Ralph Lauren.


A cut below the rest - and that’s a good thing!

Low cut socks just look better with trainers. When the weather warms up and the shorts go on, reach for trainer styles over those long socks. You need men’s trainer socks... for trainers, of course!

A trainer sock by any other name…

...might not smell as sweet as a rose, but they do a similar job. If you want a low profile sock, try sneaker socks that sit low on your foot so you won’t notice them peeping out of your shoes. If you’re wearing trainers or pumps this summer, you need these low-fitting socks. Never go without socks, it’s bad for your feet and your footwear.

Don’t let summer feet become smelly feet

Besides changing your socks daily, you can stop the demon stench in sports shoes by choosing socks in quality breathable materials. This is why cotton trainer socks and, recently, bamboo trainer socks, are always popular. Choose an antibacterial trainer sock for men and you can actively fight the source of the smell – bacteria – and help avoid fungal infection.

Barefoot – Absolutely not!

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to go barefoot in your trainers. It’s not healthy for your skin or the trainer. Men’s trainer socks protect you from the risks of abrasion, blisters and athlete’s foot. They also soak up moisture and cushion the feet for maximum comfort. You’re also extending the life of your trainers, because salty, manly sweat will destroy them.

Be a good sport!

Men’s trainer socks that are specifically designed for sport are far more technically capable for serious sportsmen. Whether you’re hitting the road for a run, working out in the gym, or cycling for fitness, sport-specific trainer socks for men protect and enhance performance. Anatomically shaped trainer socks can conform exactly to your feet, with targeted cushioning or compression. A heel tab often features in these trainer socks to protect the Achilles’ tendon too.




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