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Men's Boot Socks

Keep feet warm, comfortable and protected in your boots with our selection of men's boot socks. Choose from a wide range of styles, colours and materials - from wool to cotton - and team up with your favourite boots for comfort and style when the cold hits.

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Fill your boots – with socks!
Boots should NEVER be loose. Loose boots are going to lead to blisters, because of the continued friction between foot, sock and boot, so get yourself some men’s boot socks that suit the boots you’re wearing. The big, thick boot socks you wear with hiking boots are not going to work with closer-fitting riding boots or fashionable Chelsea boots, so think thick socks for rugged working boots and mid-weight socks for those ankle-high country brogues. Tight-fitting designer boots? You definitely want half calf length socks or even knee highs, but fine gauge socks, absolutely yes!

Classic boot socks
When you think of boot socks for men, you likely imagine those chunky socks in twisted yarn with giant ribbed legs... and they’re fab, yes, but boot socks have so much more to offer. In natural wool, boot socks look sophisticated and keep you comfortable all day long.

Cushioned socks for cushty comfort
Add a sole that is cushioned, boot socks become protective, shielding feet against impacts and they’re insulated too, but still looking like regular socks on the leg. Thick yarn cotton rich socks are warm too, but feel smoother next to the skin. And for extra lightweight boot socks, bamboo is really thermally effective, even when it’s finely knitted.

Be a good sport
For so many sports, boot socks are absolutely essential. For shooting, climbing, walking, hiking, boot socks ensure the fit of the boot is optimised and the extra length protects ankles and calves from abrasion from the rugged, harsh natural environment. These very specific boot socks can include all kinds of features including targeted compression, zonal cushioning and protective padding. Some sporting (and work) boot socks can be waterproof. Socks like this don’t always feel as soft, but they do an essential job.