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Men's Bamboo Office & Suit Socks

Ideal for keeping feet feeling fresh and comfortable all day long, this selection of men's office and suit socks is made from cooling, breathable and incredibly soft natural bamboo fibre. As well as being 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton (but also warm when it gets cold out), bamboo has moisture wicking and antibacterial properties. Choose from a range of colours, styles and patterns and keep feet feeling great, and looking suave.

Making a day at the office a bit cooler 
Would David Brent wear bamboo socks at the office? Probably not, he likely thought he was cool enough already. But for the rest of us, a day at the office, dressed in a business suit, is always a long day. So, you and your feet should really appreciate work-day socks that look good, but also look after your skin. Men’s and ladies’ bamboo office socks allow you to keep cool and composed while maintaining your image.

Bamboo socks mean business
Socks made from bamboo are silky and fine, superb for making formal socks of the kind you wear with suits. Business shoes and other formal shoes are generally quite tight, so bamboo suit socks, breathable and able to keep you cool, are essential. Choose your suit socks with smooth toe seams too, more comfortable for close-fitting shoes.

Let’s make it plain
For serious business wear, your formal socks probably need to be kept plain and simple (which is a shame, bamboo fibre socks hold bright colour and complex pattern really well) and coordinate with your suit. Socks for the office can have a bit of cautious panache though - subtle striped socks or polka dot socks are a good bet. We’ve got all - and more - in store here.

Bamboo office socks - the business for fresh feet
Bamboo fibre office socks can keep your feet fresh and cool. Bamboo thermo-regulates, which means they keep your feet warm in colder temperatures and work to cool your feet when the climate around them is hot. The clever fibres of bamboo react to temperature changes by expanding and contracting, for a looser or tighter weave. Bamboo socks handle sweat well too, wicking away moisture, and resist bacteria, so foot odour is prevented.

Help the environment? Suits you sir (or madam)!
The popularity of bamboo for office and suit socks means more bamboo gets grown commercially, and that is good for the environment. Sustainable bamboo is a great renewable resource, that grows more quickly, and more bamboo can be planted in acres of field space than crops like cotton. Bamboo conserves supplies by being more water-efficient too, and can even release more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees do.




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