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Bamboo Underwear

Our selection of men's and ladies' bamboo underwear includes a range of boxers, trunks, briefs and even thermal vests and long johns made from bamboo - an incredibly soft natural material with a number of qualities. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Micro-gaps and micro-holes in bamboo's structure make it 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton in warm weather, but also make it warmer in the cold. For the same reason, bamboo never sticks to the skin, as it is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, and can wick moisutre away from skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.

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Bamboo? Isn’t that just for pandas?
Well yes, bamboo makes great panda food, but it’s also been found to provide a terrific basis for boxers, briefs, knickers and other underwear. The raw bamboo is processed into viscose to make yarn from, making the most of those soft, smooth fibres. That also makes for knockout knickers, and bamboo boxers that pack a real punch for skin health.

Bamboo for the best-feeling underwear
Most of the benefits of bamboo are exactly what you want from your underwear! Underwear made from bamboo is hypoallergenic and friendly to all types of skin, due to the soft, rounded fibres that don’t scratch or irritate delicate skin. Bamboo has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help keep the body fresh, preventing things like odour and bacterial infections to take hold during your day.

Easy to wear, easy to care
The skin ‘down there’ is pretty delicate, so why wear any old underwear against it? Bamboo fabric underwear will actively care for your skin from the moment you pull them on until you throw them in the wash basket at the end of the day. Oh yes, bamboo knickers, briefs and boxers are easy to care for too, despite the silk-like feel, no special washes are needed.

Stay cool
Bamboo’s ability to control temperature and moisture all create an ideal climate for healthy skin, and that’s just about the perfect fabric for men’s and ladies’ underwear, not to mention bamboo vests and tops.

Environmentally better with bamboo
Bamboo is a very productive, sustainable resource for growers, offering benefits over many other popular crops. Bamboo plants are naturally antibacterial, so it can be grown without using environmentally damaging pesticides. Bamboo grows quickly, and needs far less space than typical yarn production crops like cotton, so more bamboo can be grown per acre. Its ability to store up water means it uses less of that too, saving resources. Breathe easy - bamboo crops put 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than the same space used in growing trees.