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Our range of kids' socks and tights are designed to keep tiny toes and feet comfy, from school socks to novelty styles.

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Let's celebrate friendship

Help to raise money and awareness for anti-bullying charity Kidscape with our special Elmer bamboo patchwork socks.

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Fairytale toes

Keep those little feet cosy and protected with new non-slip socks from Tavi Noir, featuring their favourite Disney characters.


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Doin’ it for the kids
Children’s socks aren’t just small versions of adult socks. When it comes to socks, kids have very specific needs, to make sure their young feet and skin are protected. It’s not enough to be cute-looking. Socks for kids need to be sized and designed appropriately for their age and the rapid changes of foot shape that they go through.

Bringing up baby
Socks for our smallest customers have special features to ensure that they’re able to stay on wriggly little toes. Baby socks usually include gentle but secure elasticated sections around the ankle and foot to prevent the socks being easily pushed off. Cushioning protects baby feet and keeps them warm.

Tough enough for toddlers
Once they’re steady enough to start to take their first steps, tiny tots can be tough on their socks. That’s why good toddlers’ socks are reinforced for extra durability, making sure small toes don’t poke through. Many of the kids’ socks for toddlers that we offer have clever anti-slip grip soles to prevent skidding and keep them safely upright.

School socks with a twist
Most schools have firm rules on what clothing - including socks - are acceptable in their classrooms. We have plain colour boys’ and girls’ socks in lengths from ankle to knee high, plus girls’ tights, that will meet all standard school requirements. But we’ve got a trick or two in our sleeves too.

Kids love a bit of character in their socks
Kids love their characters, so socks with designs featuring names such as Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse, Minions, Marvel superheroes, Superman and Batman, Star Wars, Muppets are always going to be popular with them - and anything to convince a child to change its socks more often and to be a good thing!

Big names in socks for the small
There’s a lot of choice in children’s socks at SOCKSHOP! We stock many of the best brands in kids’ and youths’ socks, slipper socks and tights, including Totes, Tavi Noir, Heat Holders, Happy Socks, Elle and FALKE, sporting brands such as UpHillSport and Umbro and of course, our own ranges.

Specialist socks for kids
Although generally thought of as only for adult socks, there are specialty sports socks and other targeted activity socks in children’s and youths’ sizes too. Brands such as Bridgedale, Puma, Umbro, UpHillSport and UYN makes kid’s sizes and fits in socks for outdoor activities like horse riding, trekking, walking, skiing, hiking and football. We also stock kid’s sizes in Iomi’s specialist diabetic socks.