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Bamboo Sports Socks

Have a cool and comfortable workout with our selection of men's and ladies' bamboo sports socks. The tiny holes in bamboo's microstructure allow moisture to be wicked away from the skin and help air to circulate, making them 2-3 degrees cooler in warm conditions. Bamboo is also 3-4 times more absorbent than standard cotton and has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Choose from added features such as cushioned soles, smooth toe seams and arch support and brands like Pringle, Puma and ELLE.

Jump into bamboo sports socks!
Very popular now for as a foot-friendly fibre for all kinds of socks, bamboo makes high performance sport socks. Bamboo yarn is versatile, with its soft and silky feel kind to even sensitive skins, so it’s a great choice for sports. All the special features that other sport-specific socks have, such as cushioned feet and zoned compression can be done in bamboo sports socks too, plus you get bamboo’s inherent abilities.

Naturally cool
Taking part in sports means your feet get pretty hot, and rather sweaty too. Bamboo sports socks work as hard as you workout to keep an even, comfortable temperature. It’s not that bamboo socks care about your comfort, but their fibres react to thermal cues by swelling and contracting, ‘tightening’ the weave and loosening accordingly. You won’t feel that happen, but you will feel comfortably cool in sports socks made from bamboo.

The long and short of it
Bamboo sports socks come in a mix of lengths, from boot length socks through the regular crew length to low ankled trainer socks, and in specific men’s and ladies’ fits. Some styles of sports socks, in bamboo or otherwise, have anatomic left and right foot fits to make sure all the clever cushioning, compression and support technology goes exactly where its meant to on the foot. In the case of waterproof SealSkinz, the bamboo is used next to the skin for the inner sock.

Made for moisture
When you’re active, such as training at the gym or out running, your sports socks get sweaty really fast, so you need socks that can deal with it. Bamboo-based running socks and other sports socks defy dampness, drawing and absorbing moisture from the skin then wicking – breathing it out – to dry quickly. Along with bamboo’s natural antibacterial composition, that keeps sporty feet dry and healthy, combatting fungal infection and blisters. Cushioned bamboo socks are even better at absorbing moisture, and impact, as you run.

Bamboo and the environment
Many bamboo sports socks are worn outdoors, such as for golf, running, climbing and horse-riding, which is quite apt, because bamboo is environmentally positive in many ways, as a sustainable resource. It’s fast growing, and more can be grown in less field space than ‘typical’ crops like cotton. The natural antibacterial ability that so prized in bamboo socks also means bamboo can resist bugs and diseases without growers resorting to soil-damaging pesticides. It’s very water-efficient too, storing more and requiring less for successful crops which is great for drought-stricken areas. Bamboo plants help the atmosphere, releasing 35% more oxygen than even trees can, and that helps all of us breathe a bit easier.




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