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Men's Health & Wellbeing Socks

Our selection of men's health and wellbeing socks will help you to take small steps to a healthier you. From specialised diabetic socks which increase blood flow and help prevent abrasion, to flight socks to reduce the risk of blood clots, and compression socks which improve circulation both during exercse and during recovery and rest - this range of styles for men will keep your feet protected and comfortable.

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Look after your feet
There really is nothing as important as your health. Socks generally aren’t thought of as being essential to your good health but the right kind of men’s socks can mean all the difference to your general sense of wellbeing. Yoga socks help with balance and grip to promote health and some special socks even help prevent conditions from worsening.

For healthy socks, one size does NOT fit all
Make sure that you have the right health socks for your own needs - if in doubt, ask your chiropodist or podiatrist, GP, nurse or other healthcare professional. For example, compression socks are a great help for many of us, but can be too restrictive for those with diabetes or other circulatory restricting ailments, who need extra-wide socks with gentle hold.

Squeeze into compression socks
Circulation-enhancing, leg energising - compression socks use graduated, gentle pressure on your legs and ankles, promoting blood flow. Compression is particularly useful for flight socks and travel socks, where you spend long hours sat or stood in one place, helping prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It’s also valued in sports socks and calf sleeves, where compression improves performance and aids muscle recovery.

Gently does it
If you have swollen legs, tight socks can make it worse by actually constricting the blood vessels making it harder for blood to flow. And for those with neuropathy from conditions like diabetes, socks that are too restricting can actually break the skin without the wearer realising, causing injury and infection. So wide-fitting diabetic socks with non-elastic, gentle grip tops are essential, non-binding and comfortable in the long term. Many include special antibacterial treatments and smooth toe seams to further prevent skin problems.

Comfort for prosthesis wearers
Amputees’ sock requirements are naturally very specific. Post-amputation, limbs need proper socks for protection and comfort when wearing a prosthesis. Good prosthetic socks are soft, breathable and often cotton rich, with added terry loop cushioning.