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Ladies' Health & Wellbeing Socks

Looking after yourself mentally and physically is extremely important. Here at SOCKSHOP, we have a selection of ladies' health and wellbeing socks to ensure you are at the height of health. Our selection of ladies' health and wellbeing socks will help you to take small steps to a healthier you. From specialised diabetic socks for women that increase blood flow and help prevent abrasion to flight socks to reduce the risk of blood clots, we’ve got you covered.

All about our compression socks for women

Here at SOCKSHOP, we have a range of compression socks for women that improve circulation both during exercise and during recovery and rest.
Our range of styles for women will keep your feet protected and comfortable. 
Our compression socks for women have been designed to provide you with a comfortable softness and the best support to your legs and feet. So, if you feel you need that bit of extra support, you know what to do.

Diabetic socks for women

Foot problems are common for diabetic sufferers. Diabetes can have side effects on a person’s feet which can cause tingling, pain, or numbing in the feet. Not only this, but diabetes can also restrict blood flow to the feet, which can make it difficult for the body to heal wounds and sores. This is where diabetic socks can be used to minimise irritation and promote circulation in the feet

For those who suffer from diabetes, diabetic socks can be music to your ears. Specially designed to stretch to the shape of your legs with no restriction, our diabetic socks for women provide comfort and support when needed most. With a range of items from bamboo, compression, and diabetic socks for women, our range of ladies’ health and wellbeing socks have been designed with you in mind.

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Treat your feet

When it comes to our health and wellbeing, we need to make sure that we are looking after ourselves in the very best way. This is why we have curated our range of ladies’ health and wellbeing socks, to ensure you are at the highest height of health.

Treat your feet today and look after yourself tomorrow.




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