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Put your feet up at home in the perfect pair of men's slipper socks. Our men’s bed socks are the perfect gift for the man in your life. Men’s slipper socks should be defined by comfort and with the SOCKSHOP range, you can relax after a long day in total style and comfort, regardless of what room of the house you are in.

Bed socks - not just for your granny!

Call them sleep socks if it makes you feel better, but your granny was right – you do sleep better with a pair of wooly socks on to keep your feet warm through the night! Scientists agree with Nan too. It’s all about how we humans constantly adjust our own body temperature throughout the day but at night it drops to its lowest and if your body gets too cold, you’re likely to wake up. Bed socks help dilate blood vessels in your feet, sending a signal to redistribute heat in your body, preparing you for sleep. In a nutshell, if you want a good kip, men, get your bed socks on!

Slipper socks - not for slipping in!

Why buy men’s slipper socks over ‘proper’ slippers? Well, besides being a bit more hip than slippers, slipper socks, sometimes called home socks, are convenient and easy to wear, they don’t fall off and they’re just sooo comfortable! Generally, chunky knit socks are favourite for slipper socks, but if that’s not thick enough for you, you can get men’s slipper socks that are lined with a second layer of fleece for cosy cushioned feet. Slipper socks for men are made two ways in general; with an anti-slip tread printed into the feet, or socks with solid foam soles sewn in. Both are designed to keep you safe and steady in a way knitted soles alone can’t!

Thermal socks - not cool!

Another men’s home sock with anti-slip grips is the thermal sock. These super-cosy socks are usually terry loop cushioned inside, then brushed to create a thick, fluffy pile that holds onto heat from the body. These heat holder socks keep you warm even in the cold of winter. Some brands use specially developed insulating fibres to further increase the heat.

Lounge socks - yeah, fair play, they’re just for lounging!

You can definitely lounge around in any of the above men’s socks, but there are socks specifically made to be men’s lounge socks. These loose fit socks are usually easy to wear chunky knits and can include thermal linings and non-slip soles.
Bed socks and slipper socks for men are always popular choices for men’s gifts selections. Because you don’t need to know the foot size (like you do with traditional slippers) they’re easy to shop for too - here at SOCKSHOP of course!

Are you supposed to wear socks with slippers?

The choice is yours! Our range of men’s slipper socks come with anti-slip treads meaning they can be worn without slippers, but if you prefer a bit of extra comfort and warmth on your tootsies, then feel free to add a pair of slippers too!

The very best men’s slipper and bed socks

Choose from our Fuzzy Friends range, putting the fun into funky or from our understated luxury range of cartoon character themes. SOCKSHOP’s men’s slipper sock range has a pair for him, whatever his tastes and preferences.

Find the perfect gift for the man in your life today. Shop SOCKSHOP’s men’s slipper socks and men’s bed socks. Order before 5pm Monday - Friday for same-day dispatch.




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