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Men's Chunky & Warm Socks

Heavy, thick and winter-warm, this selection of men's socks is perfect for any man that wants protection and warmth for his feet during those colder months. Perfect with boots, wear these men's warm socks to go and watch your son's football match, hike in the countryside, or simply keep feet warm and comfortable every winter day. This range includes Heat Holder thermal socks.

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Who doesn’t love a chunky sock?
There’s something really reassuring about a mid-weight or heavyweight knitted sock and especially when it’s teamed with an equally weighty boot. Men’s chunky socks insulate, cushion and protect feet, but they’re also satisfying in a strange manly way. Particularly, boot socks need to be thick for a good boot fit, but, typically in marl knits and heavy ribbed legs, they're also great-looking and purposeful.

Don’t get cold, get thermal!
Men who are dedicated skiers, snowboarders, hikers or climbers need thick, warm socks - thermal socks! They’re essential to protect against harsh, cold environments. These men’s thermal socks are made with high quality thermally efficient yarns and yarn technology, ensuring that they are breathable too, because too warm isn’t actually too good for feet!

Holding on to the heat
Thickly fleeced socks are real heat holders, (including that famed brand itself) because the fluffy lining holds warm air into its fibres and next to your skin. It needs a special brushing process to turn the looped cushioning into fleece. Socks that are fleecy inside and out are also a popular choice, particularly for slipper socks and other home socks.

Warm but NOT thick?
Yes, it can be done! The usual suspects like hiking socks, trekking socks and boot socks are nearly always medium gauge or more often heavyweight knits, which increases their warmth and their general ruggedness, but some finer gauge socks can be thermal socks too, if they’re made from thermally efficient fibres like bamboo or wool socks are, or have extra bulk, without added weight, from padded, cushioned linings.

Come home to comfort
Slipper socks and home socks are welcome when you’ve been out in the cold all day. These thick, warm socks are almost TOO chunky for boots and shoes, but they’re great for lounging in! Many men’s slipper socks are double-lined, or can be cushioned socks to stop cold from rising toward your feet. These men’s home socks often have anti-slip grips too, to prevent accidents on polished floors.

Wrap it up!
So, should you buy chunky socks? Well, if you like having warm feet, yes! Just decide how you’re using them and shop for the warm sock best suited to what you’re doing. Some boots, like wellingtons, need very specific lengths and thicknesses, so get the right ones. Work socks, boot socks and outdoor sports socks are essentials if you’re spending lots of time in those environments – go on, fill your boots!