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Bamboo is the choice for choosy feet.

Not only is our SOCKSHOP bamboo range of socks and underwear famous for its incredible softness, but it is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, with moisture wicking properties too. Bamboo’s natural thermoregulation means it helps to keep your feet warm on chilly days.

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So what’s all this fuss about bamboo socks and bamboo underwear?
Bamboo has become a real talking point, and not just for socks and underwear. Bamboo makes great socks, and tights, and sensational boxers and briefs too, with the fibres turned into viscose that becomes yarn, because bamboo socks are so soft, silky and feel great. For your feet, the soft, long and gently rounded staples (the microscopic fibres bamboo is comprised of) are totally non-irritating, so absolutely anyone can wear it, making bamboo clothing great for sensitive skin.

Bamboo - the environment’s friend
But being that’s not the whole story by any means. Bamboo is an environmental big-hitter, kind to the planet as well as your skin. In fact, many of the things that make bamboo so great for skin are exactly what makes it a superbly practical, planet-pleasing and sustainable resource for growers.

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, helping it resist crop-destroying bugs and diseases without growers using soil-damaging pesticides. It grows really fast too, and doesn’t need as much field space as crops like cotton, so you can grow more per acre. It’s very water-efficient too, saving important resources. And bamboo produces 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees - amazing stuff! So your bamboo socks will be eco-friendly socks too!

Bamboo for socks
Bamboo socks are typically very soft, silky against the skin and easy to wear. The fine fibres are excellent for making lightweight, fine gauge socks. Bamboo yarn holds colour really well, so any bamboo socks will be bright and sharp, with well-defined patterns. Formal socks, casual socks, short or long, bamboo is great for them all – not forgetting sports socks.

Bamboo for really cool sports socks
Bamboo fibre makes great sports socks because it can thermo-regulate, a fancy way of saying bamboo socks keep your feet warm when it’s cold and cool your feet down when they get too hot. That’s because those clever bamboo fibres expand and contract in reaction to temperature, making your socks instantly, imperceptibly thicker or thinner! Bamboo socks can absorb up to 30% more moisture than cotton socks, and wicks away fast too, so sports socks made from bamboo keep you extra-fresh and dry.

Bamboo for the best-feeling underwear
And what makes bamboo so sensational for socks goes double for bamboo underwear! The ability to be friendly to all skin types, the anti-bacterial, antimicrobial properties, and temperature control and moisture absorption all create a superb environment for healthy skin, and that’s perfect for men’s and ladies underwear. You can get vests, tops, boxers, briefs, long johns, and knickers in bamboo.

SOCKSHOP for bamboo
SOCKSHOP should be your first port of call for bamboo socks, bamboo tights and bamboo underwear. We’ve got so much choice, from single pairs and multipacks through to gift boxes of bamboo products from brands like Wild FeetElle, Thought and many other designer names too.