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Novelty Bamboo Socks

This selection of incredibly soft bamboo socks is not only comfortable, cooling and breatable, but features a variety of fun and funky designs, silly slogans and whacky motifs for men and ladies'.

Bring on the fun - in bamboo!
Funny and specially themed socks don’t need to be cheap and nasty. We stock a big fun choice of novelty socks in bamboo (as well as cotton rich novelty socks too) for a quality sock that makes you smile too! SOCKSHOP has loads of men’s and ladies’ novelty socks for everyone!

Why go for bamboo?
Bamboo novelty socks - all bamboo rich socks in fact - feel soft and silky against the skin. Bamboo fibre are fine, rounded and smooth, so they don’t irritate skin. Even people with sensitive feet can wear bamboo without worrying. Bamboo yarn is great with dye, holding colour really well, so any colours will be bright, and patterns will be sharp and well-defined. Bamboo socks are usually lightweight, but keep your feet warm because bamboo fabric can control its density to retain or let go of heat. It absorbs moisture and wicks it quickly, so bamboo-dressed feet stay dry.

Novelty gifts and gift sets in bamboo
Novelty socks, and particularly bamboo novelty socks, make great gifts for all special occasions and holidays, or just because you want to treat someone special. We always have birthday, Christmas and Valentine designs in bamboo socks for men and ladies. Our own favourites Wild Feet, and brands such as Thought (a brand keen on sustainability) favour bamboo and make lots of unusually patterned bamboo-based socks that reflect the wearers’ interests and lifestyles, and always have great gift sets of socks too.

An environmental treat
But to be serious for a moment, bamboo – used for novelty socks or otherwise – ticks boxes for the environment, because it’s kind to the planet and not just your skin. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, and that helps your feet fight foot odour, but importantly it means that bamboo crops resist bugs and diseases without growers using soil-damaging pesticides. It grows easily and fast (don’t plant it at home, it’ll take over your entire plot!) and you can fit more in less field space than crops like cotton require. It’s very water-efficient and produces 35% more oxygen than trees. All that makes your novelty bamboo socks superbly eco-friendly socks!




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