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Men's Toe Socks

Our selection of men's toe socks features glove-like socks knitted so that each toe is individually separated. Toe socks are a style which many find more comfortable and practical than the regular ‘mitten’ toed socks most people opt for. Apart from their signature detail, toe socks can otherwise come in all styles, and also boast a number of health benefits, as spreading the toes is said to strengthen feet, improve circulation and realign mistreated toes.

Toe socks?
Exactly that – men’s fit socks with individual toes, like tiny gloves for your feet! They might look odd to some people, but anyone who’s worn toe socks knows that they are yoga socks that double down on your downward facing dog. They are Pilates socks without peer. Dance socks that maximise your momentum. Ballet socks for your best barre work ever. If you do movement or floor exercises of any kind, toe socks, with non-slip grips, will keep you stable and your form perfect.

What are my toe sock choices?
Toe socks come as either full toes, which are fully knitted and closed, or half toe socks, which means your toes are bare, but still fully separated. This very particular style of man’s sock lets you fully spread your toes, as if you’re barefooted. That gives you better balance, activates all your foot muscles fully but is more hygienic than no socks.

Kicking blisters into touch
All our men’s toe socks are made from natural fibre blends, with organic cotton and sophisticated technical yarns such as Coolmax that keeps skin dry and healthy, preventing unwanted athlete’s foot, chafing and blisters.




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