The Monstrous Climb Of Sock Mountain...

Posted by Dave


We've been overwhelmed with orders for the festive season, our poor little sock monsters just couldn't cope on their own, so in step the guys with the 'cushy office jobs'. 

It really is a case of all feet on the deck, management, designers, I.T, office juniors, mums, dads, aunties, uncles, long lost cousins... you get the idea.
I generally like to think that I keep myself active outside of work, going to the gym, playing football etc. but I have to say, these last few weeks have taken their toll on my body.  I've just completed my 8th straight day of picking all the lovely socks our lovely customers have been ordering from us.  Basically 7 hours of walking up and down aisles, stretching up, bending down, and on many occasions spinning round!

All this walking (and aching) got me thinking… Using a clever little Smartphone App (by the way our new mobile site is brilliant) which works as a pedometer, I've calculated that today, I personally, have walked over 11.5 miles!  That means that within a week, I have walked over 80 miles!  If I then take into consideration that we've had an average of 6 people collecting the socks that equates to nearly 500 miles a week (over 2 million men’s sock laid out tip to toe, literally)!!  With a total of over 35000 calories burned (I think we'll all deserve to over indulge this Christmas!).

Anyway... I suppose by this point you're asking “what's the point of the Blog entry”, well, apart from keeping you up to date with the entire goings on in our amazing sock emporium, I thought I'd use all this walking to test some of our wonderful socks...

Day One:  Firstly, I have to explain that on day one, I didn't know what I was in for, I mean “how hard can it be?!”... Very!  I started this 'expedition' wearing my 'every day socks' Jeep Luxury Terrain Socks… brilliant product!  Really comfortable and warm, the cushioning on the heel and toes certainly helps.

So here we are 80 miles and a billion pairs of socks later, and with feet that aren’t sore or blistered!  I wish I could say the same for my legs!  I hope you enjoyed my, well, story I suppose, and my first blog entry.

Keep Warm,


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