Are nude tights back in for spring 2018?

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Every year, around this time, we return to the same debate. Spring is approaching, and you’re thinking about dusting off your seasonal wardrobe – but what about the weather? Spring brings with it an in-between season, where it’s too warm for thick trousers but too cold for bare legs. The cosy middle is a good pair of tights, but when your spring outfits consist of light and bright colours that would look jarring with a black pair of tights, it’s difficult to know what to do.
Nude Tights

That’s where nude tights come in. A controversial subject in fashion over the last few decades, it’s difficult to know where they stand. Some see them as too conservative – the kind of hosiery a politician might wear. Others immediately think of wrinkled knees and rips in the thin fabric of the sheer tights they used to wear.

But recently, nude tights have been setting the fashion agenda on the catwalk. In September, the Spring/Summer 18 shows were filled with playful takes on the classic, and with the likes of Kate Middleton and Julia Roberts speaking out about their love of the hosiery, it’s tempting to try them again.

Nude tights have come a long way since their inception decades ago. There are shades to match all skin tones, and new, durable material means they won’t rip at the lightest touch. With finishes from matt to sheer, as well as special features like tummy control and open-toe, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs. Plus, they’re the perfect way to transition between the seasons at this tricky time of year.

The verdict? Nude tights are great – but do follow some guidelines…

Hide the seams
There’s nothing more annoying than seeing the seam of your tights poking out of the end of your peep-toe shoes, so minimise the fuss with a pair of open-toe tights. As well as looking more flattering for the end of your feet, you’ll be able to show off that fresh pedicure, too.

Tone down the shine
The key to nude tights is not to look like you’re wearing them – too big a gleam and you’ll be attracting attention to your legs for all the wrong reasons. Shun the shine in favour of a more matt finish – but if you do want a subtle shimmer, go for a sheer pair that will give your legs just the right amount of sparkle.

Size matters
Most importantly, the right sized tights can make or break an outfit. Too big and you’ll get the dreaded wrinkly knees; too small and you’ll have trouble hitching them up at all. Each pair of tights comes in size ranges, but if you find yourself at the top end of the range, consider going for the size up for maximum comfort.

Convinced? Take a look at our collection of nude tights to find the right pair for you.


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