Quiz: What do your socks say about you?

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What do your socks say about you  

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When you pull on your socks in the morning, you might not give a second thought to why you’ve selected a certain pair. But with so many styles available, from zany patterns to simple black and white, your choice might say more about you than you think.

So, can the socks you wear reveal your innermost personality traits? For the sake of argument, let’s say they can. Take our quiz and find out what your socks say about you.


1.      We trust you’ve got some socks on? What colour are they?

A.     All the colours of the rainbow.

B.     Red or another strong block colour. You like to make a confident statement.

C.     Black or white. There’s no point in buying socks that won’t go with everything you own.

D.     You’re not sure. They’re now so faded it’s hard to tell. 

2.      What’s the pattern like?

A.     Polka-dots, rainbow stripes, animals or cartoons.

B.     Something with clear branding. It makes you feel like you’re part of a club and there’s power in numbers.

C.     What pattern? All of your socks are plain.

D.     Again, you’re not sure. It’s a mystery. 


3.      When did you buy your last pair of socks?

A.     Yesterday. You can never have too many different patterns to choose from.

B.     Just before your last job interview, which you bought a whole new outfit for. Every detail matters when you’re climbing to the top.

C.     Just after your last pay cheque. You always top up on essentials straight away, so that you can see exactly how much money you have for the rest of the month.

D.     Not for as long as you can remember. It always slips your mind. 


4.      Where do you keep your socks?

A.     Somewhere unexpected. Like the fridge, or in a giant comedy stocking.

B.     In your walk-in wardrobe. Everyone has one, don’t they?

C.     Colour coded and folded in your sock drawer – not that there are many colours to code.

D.     A pile on the floor.

5.      Do they match your underwear?

A.     Not at all. You try to wear as many colours as possible – regardless of whether they match.

B.     Sometimes. You always match them if you’ve got an important day ahead of you. It somehow makes you feel more powerful.

C.     Always. Unmatched underwear…what an appalling thought.

D.     What underwear? 

6.      Which of the following brands is your favourite?

A.     Cartoon Heroes – you love the fun designs.

B.     Calvin Klein – you love clear branding that everyone will recognise.

C.     Heat Holders – their practicality suits your ‘always be prepared’ nature.

D.     As long as they’re comfortable, you’re happy.


So, What Do Your Socks Say About You?

Count how many of each letter you selected, and see below for your results.

Mostly A – The Outgoing Extrovert

You’re bubbly, fun, outgoing and a huge fan of socks with wacky designs or colourful patterns. In fact, your penchant for socks has got a bit out of hand and you’re running out of space to put them! You love browsing the shops and putting outfits together – the more eclectic the better, so that you stand out from the crowd.

Mostly B – The Confident Go Getter

You’re confident, driven and determined to make it to the top in whatever you do. You choose socks in block colours that signify power, such as red, and are happy to make a statement with your strong fashion choices (although your outfits aren’t unusual or eclectic like the outgoing extrovert).

Mostly C – The Sensible Planner

Everything you do is carefully considered and planned to the very last detail. When it comes to fashion, you play by the rules and you wouldn’t be seen dead in socks that clashed with your trousers. You choose socks in colours such as black and white, so that they will go with everything you own.

Mostly D – The Laid Back Lounger

Laidback and relaxed, you don’t worry about the aesthetic details in life – like wearing matching socks. You’re just too busy hanging out with your friends. For you comfort is what matters. None of your socks are in pairs and the ones you do have are pretty worn. You’ve been meaning to buy some new one for ages, but you just haven’t got round to it.


Surprised by your result? Or was it spookily accurate? Let us know what you got in the comments.


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