Sock Rules

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There are many rules in life that we are explicitly taught – how to drive a car, saying please and thank you, learning how to cook. But can you ever remember a time when your mum or dad sat you down and told you how to wear socks?

Yes, they may have helped you get your first ones on, but after that you’re on your own - making up rules through what you see, the occasional piece in a fashion magazine, or through trial and error.

This has created a situation where no one really knows the rules of owning and wearing socks. Until now.
Sock Rules

Author Mitchell Beazley has condensed years of sock myths and research about socks into one illuminating book – Here is a taster of what you can expect from this new fashion bible…

Caring for them

Among clothing, socks can be one of the worst treated items. Not only do they get the hardest workout of any item from your wardrobe, they’re often just flung onto the floor or stuck into any wash cycle that they can fit into.

But things should be different. Remember, socks do a number of jobs for you and your body. They keep your feet warm, help prevent sweating, provide a barrier between your toes and your shoes, and can be a great a fashion accessory.

Add to that the daily pulling on and off, the scuffs on hard ground, and runs through the washing machine and it’s no wonder they need a bit of TLC.

Fortunately, Socks: The Rule Book is full of tips on how to care for your socks, from using a net bag in the washing machine to buying ones that actually fit.

Sock Rules

Blend in or stand out

What we choose to wear not only reflects who we are, but also the situation we’re in. While some people are happy to be peacocks 24/7, others sometimes just want an outfit that is comfortable and practical. It’s no different for socks.

The beauty of them - compared to many other wardrobe staples - is that they’re relatively cheap, so you can afford to take a few fashion risks.

Gone are the days when you were limited to simple black or white cotton socks. These days you can get your socks emblazoned with your favourite superhero, made from bamboo fibres, or in the latest fashion trends.

Our rule of thumb is that your socks should match your outfit – whether that means you want smart and stylish striped socks to match a wedding suit, or breathable and comfortable running socks for your next trip to the gym.

Avoid white socks

It’s a controversial rule and, to be fair, one that can be broken on rare occasions, but we’re standing fast and saying that white socks should never be worn with trousers.

Unless you’re at school or on a cricket team, it’s time to embrace colour – or at least black socks.

When worn with long trousers by adults, white socks can make the wearer appear adolescent at best. They do not convey the look of maturity or give the air of sophistication you desire.


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