The winter wedding outfit conundrum

Posted by Katrina

So last week I had a bit of a dilemma on my hands. I had been invited to a friend’s wedding, and had excitedly planned and prepared my outfit weeks before. There was a peplum dress, a pillbox hat and a trench coat – it was pretty cool.

But in my haste it had completely slipped my mind that this was no summer wedding, it was happening right at the end of October. As my legs hadn’t seen the sun since approximately June 23rd, the thought of going bare-legged was pretty horrifying, so I needed to sort out some tights and FAST.

Luckily, I happen to work at SOCKSHOP, a place where there is an abundance of tights to cover all hosiery needs. The only problem was – what the heck was I going to pick?!

The contenders 

Winter warmth

This was the practical option, and very tempting given the weather we’ve had. I could have chosen from Falke soft merino wool tights, and would have stayed lovely and snug in either. But I’d be spending a lot of time indoors at a swanky hotel, and didn’t want to be too hot when dancing the night away, so I said no to winter warmth. 



Patterned tights are always a good way to style up an outfit. From the Pretty Polly’s pretty dotty tights, there is a variety of styles to suit people’s tastes and outfits. But I already had a lovely pattern on my dress, and didn’t want to detract from that. So I passed on the patterned. 



Fishnets definitely have the potential to glam up an outfit, especially the Silky Salsa diamante fishnet tights, which have an extra pattern thrown in to the design. But I didn’t think these lovelies would help keep me warm as I stood outside the church waiting to throw confetti for the bride, so I dismissed the fishnets. 


The winner!

Back seam

And so the chosen ones - Falke high heel back seam tights. There was enough material to keep the chill off my legs, but they were thin enough so that I wasn’t too hot later at the reception. They were smart enough to suit the tone of the day, but plain enough as to not distract from the overall look. 

The back seam really fitted in with the vintage feel of my outfit and I received lots of compliments on the day, including from the bride.

Conundrum solved!

Katrina x

Back seam tights
Me in my Falke high heel back seam tights just before heading to the church


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