M*A*S*H The Long John Flap

Posted by Rhiannon

The Long John Flap

With the cold weather as it is, when I finish a day of working for SOCKSHOP I get home and put my PJs on and curl up on the sofa with a nice cuppa & watch M*A*S*H.
One of the episodes inspired me to write this blog. If you watch M*A*S*H you'll know the characters I'm on about but if not, then you'll have to watch it to find out :)
Basically, it was about some long johns that Hawkeye had received as a present from his father. Everyone at the 4077th camp try everything they can to get hold of them as they're having a very cold Christmas.
First of all, Hawkeye lends them to his best friend, McIntyre who is getting a cold so needs to stay warm. McIntyre (stupidly) loses them to O'Reilly in a poker game. McIntyre then swaps them with the chef for some warm food. Frank Burns (being his usual, mean self) tells the chef to give him the long johns or he will dock his wages. They were then stolen by Klinger who confessed all to Father Francis who then handed them over to Lt. Colonel Henry Blake.
Luckily, Hawkeye gets them back after removing Lt. Colonel Henry Blake's appendix which means Hawkeye is all warm again.
Unfortunately, this great programme is based in the 1950s during the Korean War so they didn't have internet access or a mobile phone to order any online.
So, instead of going through all of the trouble that they did to wear those warm, comfy long johns, why not buy them from us :)

Have a great Christmas & New Year!

Rhiannon x


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