The face behind the legs...

Posted by Katrina

Sarah Tunnicliffe. You may not know her name, you might be able to place her face, but if you are a SockShop shopper, you will definitely be familiar with her legs.

Yes, Sarah is a fantastic legwear model whose bottom half can be seen displaying a number of our tights right across the SockShop website.

She recently came into the studio to model the Elle Autumn/Winter 2012 range for the packaging revamp we have planned.

I snuck into the studio to meet Sarah and find out a bit about the face behind the legs.

Sarah Tunnicliffe

I also wanted to see what a legwear photoshoot actually involves.  

As her top half wasn’t going to be photographed, would Sarah turn up in her PJs, no hair or make up, with just glammed up feet? Take a look at the shots to find out...

Elle photoshoot
Sarah steadies herself to make sure she is in the right position for the camera

Elle photoshoot
A quick change is needed to make sure all the socks are photographed

Elle photoshoot
Sarah uses the bar to balance herself so that she can position her feet at the best possible angle

So it appears that even when their faces aren’t going to be photographed, models still turn up glam, tanned and generally fabulous, how annoying!

Joking aside, Sarah did an amazing job, and I'll hopefully be able to put up the results of the shoot in a sneak peek of the new Elle packaging design. Keep your eyes peeled...

Katrina x


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