8 easy ways to reduce your plastic use

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Plastics are one of biggest pollutants out there, clogging up our oceans and putting sea life at risk. But what can you do to help reduce your plastic use? Here are eight easy ways you can help the planet every day.

Reduce your plastic waste

Don’t use plastic straws

Make your G&T environmentally friendly by avoiding plastic straws. Some bars and restaurants provide paper straws or you could even invest in your own, reusable metal straw so you can sip on-the-go without worry!

Use a bag for life
Single-use carrier bags may have finally disappeared from supermarkets, but you should still choose your bag for life wisely. Avoid plastic and go for a cloth bag, or use a backpack or cardboard box to load up with groceries.

Stop buying bottled water
If you get thirsty, don’t waste money and plastic on bottled water. Invest in a refillable (preferably non-plastic) water bottle and you’ll be helping the planet while keeping hydrated.

Reduce your plastic waste

Pick unwrapped produce
We all know how much packaging there is in supermarkets, particularly in the produce section. Avoid this unnecessary plastic by choosing unwrapped fruit and veg wherever possible or shop at local markets.

Bulk buy wherever possible
Dry foods can also come with too much plastic, so buy in bulk wherever possible and use glass containers and mason jars to keep things stored safely and accessibly. You can also use these containers as lunchboxes.

Reduce your plastic waste
Choose a reusable coffee cup
The majority of coffee cups in the UK aren’t recyclable due to the mixture of paper and plastic in their lining. A reusable coffee cup is not only a great way to avoid this, but many places offer discounts if you use one. 

Avoid microbeads
Ever realised just how much plastic is in your favourite cosmetics? Lots come with microbeads as standard which are impossible to filter out and end up in our oceans. Check the labels and avoid microbeads wherever you can.


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