Christmas sock competition – the winners!

Posted by Katrina

I recently posted about a group of secondary school pupils whose Christmas sock designs were being made and sold on the SOCKSHOP site this winter.

When the students popped in to find out who had one the ‘design a Christmas sock’ competition, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to chat to them about the inspirations and ideas behind their designs.

Here’s what they had to say:


Robert, 13, year 8, who designed the ‘snow way out’ sock

Robert is pleased with his design, which features Santa Claus buried under a pile of snow, something not often seen on Christmas socks! So how did he come up with such an original concept?

He said: “I thought ‘what if Santa was delivering presents and snow fell from a roof and trapped him? He’d have snow way out!’”


Jack, 14, year 9, who designed the elf sock

Jack started off the process by looking at other Christmas socks, and picked his design because he wanted to do something different.

He said: "I’ve never seen a Christmas sock with an elf on it. They were all the normal Christmas colours and were mostly Father Christmas or Rudolf.”




Zara, 14, year 9, who designed the mistletoe sock

“I don’t like being the same, so I wanted my sock to look unique! I Googled Christmas and found images of people kissing and mistletoe.”

Zara tried to draw two people kissing, but discovered that it was “too much effort”, so decided to focus her sock design on mistletoe.


Denise, 14, year 9, who designed the hungry snowman sock

“Snow reminds me of Christmas so I thought of drawing a snowman. I wanted to do something unique and funny, and I thought that a snowman eating a nose was funny.”

The final outcome of Denise’s sock was the most altered from the original design, but she didn’t mind. “I actually prefer the final sock!” she said.




Shania, 12, year 7, who designed the present sock

When Shania thinks of what represents Christmas, she thinks of presents.

She said about her design: “I used bright colours because I wanted it to stand out. I also wanted to design something that is not like everything else, not typical.”


The Christmas pudding sock was designed by Amie Gordon, age 14, in year 9, who unfortunately was ill and not able to make the visit. 


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