SockShop Goes Green

Posted by Danielle

It's always good to be able to do your bit for the environment. At SockShop we're big on environmentally friendly bits and bobs. We've got a huge range of organic and natural socks and we do the usual recycling of paper and card and what not, but we recently ventured into a rather innovative form of environmentally friendliness.
In case you didn't know, SockShop HQ is based in an old mill building in Bolton in the North West of England. We're busy bees all day long here so, in a bid to improve our Carbon Footprint and generate some of our own power, we recently installed a few solar panels on the roof of our building. Well, when we say a few, we mean like 700!
Solar Panels
A sea of solar power: We installed 700 solar panels on the roof of the mill where we are based 
Solar Panels
There was more than enough room on our roof for the panels 
As a result of this investment, we're now generating our own electricity... With a little help from the daylight of course. Since the installation in October, we've generated 10 MWh of energy! Here's what that means for the environment:

  • It's the equivalent to the amount of energy used to operate a TV for 3,085 days
  • Or to power 82 computers for a whole year
  • We've avoided the use of nearly 16,000 kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • We've offset the equivalent of 3.4 acres of pine forest
Not bad for a month's work. We'll hopefully continue to produce lots more clean energy and, if it goes well, may even expand the project to cover our sister companies and other buildings.
Take a look at this time-lapse video to see the process of installing those 700 solar panels on the roof of our building!


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