Alternative advent calendars

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We all love Christmas – especially the endless parade of sweets. But if you’ve indulged in a chocolate advent calendar in the build-up, you might be a bit sick of the sight of confectionary come the big day.
Alternativ Advent Calendars

Why not save the sweets for Christmas Day and try one of these alternative advent calendars instead…


We’re on familiar ground here. And what better way to prepare for a cosy and comfy festive period than with a brand new pair of socks every day?

Get rid of all your old and tired pairs and make space in your drawers – these amazing sock advent calendars will mean you’re sorted for the time being. 


While officially this one is for the kids, we’d be lying if we weren’t excited by the thought of getting a new piece of Lego daily.

The 2 most popular calendars are a Star Wars version, which includes your favourite characters and mini vehicles, and the festive scene. This comes with a Christmas tree, a letter to Santa and a festive feast.

Treasure hunt

Create your own adventure with a Treasure Hunt advent calendar. Give your kids a single box on December 1st which is filled with a small gift and a clue. Each clue will lead to the next box, hidden somewhere in the house.

You could either make them so that each gift becomes part of a larger gift or simply that each day has a nice little toy with the big gift saved for Christmas Eve.


Those who like a tipple are well catered for when it comes to advent calendars. Whether you like a G&T in the evening or a bottle of the best in British beer at night, there’s a calendar out there for you.

Our favourite is the Drinks by the Dram whiskey calendar. Just remember to drink responsibly.

And for those looking for a gentler alternative in the lead up to the big day, why not try a tea calendar with a different bag a day? 


Go more traditional with an advent candle. Many countries around the world still use this technique to mark the passing of the days during advent.

Every day you simply light the candle and let it burn down for a set time.

Or you can go big with a huge advent candle that pretty much stays on for the whole period, save at night when for safety reasons it’s best to put it out.


Christmas is all about twinkly lights and cosy firesides. This makes the Light-up Winter Scene Advent Calendar one of the most festive. Each day has its own LED light along with a drawer for an extra gift. As the days progress, the festive scene across the top lights up as well.

Or you could go for the scented tea light option. On the first day, you’re given a glass candle holder with a different tea light every day.



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