Wait, so socks and sandals are cool now?

Posted by Katrina

There are very few certainties in this ever-changing world of heat waves in March and snow in April. But there are some things we can be certain of: death, taxes, and that socks and sandals aren’t cool.

Well it would seem that on the last point, the boundaries of normality and acceptance have been moved. It shocks me to say it, but it appears that the fashion gods have decreed that socks and sandals are now cool!

Yes you read correctly.


Now, we’re not one to judge those who like to wear socks and sandals in the traditional sense. If that is what people feel comfortable wearing, than more power to them. But it is fair to say that in the past, the combo has been considered a sign that someone is not particularly au fait with fashion.

How socks and sandals are traditionally worn


Knee highs with sandals are becoming popular

But recently we have noticed that more and more fashion shoots - such as this Mulberry piece in the Daily Mail - and catwalks are featuring socks with sandals, with the trend trickling down from high fashion to the high street, to the everyday style.

So what is it about socks that have captured the attention of the fashion elite and its avid followers?


SOCKSHOP stylist Jen thinks it could be the fashion industry’s typical pattern of taking something deemed ‘uncool’, and making it popular.

She said: “I suppose these high-end brands are being ironic, pushing our pre-conceived ideas of what is ‘cool’ and ‘uncool’, and then subverting it.

“But, on a more basic level, the trend could be growing because essentially, pairing socks and sandals together means you can stay comfortable in your gorgeous new heels.

"And with the British weather being as unpredictable as it is, wearing socks means that you don’t have to wait for the two days a year where it is actually warm enough to go outside with exposed toes!”

Patterned socks also work well with heels


My first attempt at socks and sandals!

I am not a typical follower of trends, but curiosity led me to test this one.

And I have to say, I liked it!

The socks brighten up what could be considered quite a plain, safe outfit, and my feet feel comfortable after walking around in heels for quite a bit of time. 

I think the fashion gods might be right on this one. 


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