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What we do with SOCKSHOP'S odd socks

Posted by Katrina

So we have already (in a rather tongue-in-cheek way) addressed the mystery of the missing socks in this blog. But what we didn’t look at is how SOCKSHOP is affected by the phenomenon.

Understandably, with a warehouse, show room and sample room full of socks, there are occasions where we are left with solitary socks, items that have been damaged, unused samples and end of line ranges.

For sock-wearers, the solution to having odd socks lingering around may be to throw them away, or pair them up with another stray and try and claim that it was a ‘look’ they were going for.


Here at SOCKSHOP, we decided that even if we couldn’t put unwanted socks to good use, other people could.

So number of charities benefit from our leftovers, so to speak.

One of those is Barnardo’s, who collects the items, then passes on the ones fit for resale to its charity shops across the country.

Bags of socks
Bags of socks are collected by charities


Odd socks
Odd socks and samples are taken away

And the odd socks? Even they get put to good use! Barnardo’s is able to sell those on to rag merchants, who then turn them into things such as stuffing for mattresses and even insulation.

All the money raised goes towards Barnardo’s work helping children, young people and their families.

So now you know what happens to SOCKSHOP's odd socks!


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