What our desks say about us

Posted by Katrina

The work desk - it’s a home away from home, a place to gather thoughts, make plans and, well, get stuff done for work! But as I glanced around the SOCKSHOP office one afternoon I wondered: What do our desks really say about us? 

Well here at SOCKSHOP HQ, the most obvious thing it says about us is that we’re a messy bunch! But if you look deeper (and do a bit of Googling), it would seem the random, sentimental and slightly daft items that we've collected over the months and years say more about us then we think.

After doing a bit of research, I found that I wasn’t the first person to muse over whether a tidy or untidy desk can reflect an individual’s personality – physiologists have actually defined different desk environments and linked them to personality traits. And it appears that most of us fall into the category of having ‘busy desks with novelty toys’, which apparently means that we’re more extrovert and display novelty items in order to attract people over and generate a talking point.

If I’m honest I’m not totally convinced by this analysis – I think we just want to make our spaces more personal and homely!

“So what exactly do SOCKSHOP team members have on their desks?” I hear you cry! Well, after a brief wander around the office that I determined that there are:

34 pairs of socks (obviously)

14 magazines

7 cuddly toys (an embarrassingly high number, but one is our sock monster mascot Jack)

4 cups (some with half-drunk, cold tea, gross)

3 plants

3 mini-basketball hoops (one of the more exciting freebies given out at a recent conference we attended)

1 wooden mannequin

1 set of novelty golf pens

1 mini vw campervan

1 vegan poster

1 mini wooden horse

1 pair of Hello Kitty mittens 


Desk items


Above is just a selection of items that you can find on our desks. Looking at it like that, maybe it's time we had a bit of a clear out?!



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