How men can keep their feet clean

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While women have developed routines to keep their feet soft, clean and scent free, most men are still catching up. And as they tend to wear heavier shoes with less breathability, keeping feet clean should be a priority for men – especially on Men’s Grooming Day.
Clean Feet

Here are our tips for keeping your feet clean…

Wash often
It might sound like simple advice but the reality is that most men don’t wash their feet – not properly anyway. Getting them wet in the shower doesn’t count.

The skin, sweat and oils that build up on your foot are pretty unique when compared to the rest of your body. And while you’ll splash out on body wash and deodorant, few men pay as much attention to their feet when cleaning.

They need to be washed daily in warm soapy water - but avoid soaking them to long as it can destroy your skin's natural oils. You can also add a few drops of antiseptic solution to the mix to help kill any bacteria build up.

Afterwards, dry them thoroughly – between and under the toes especially.

Remove dry skin and nails
The next step is to get rid of any dry skin. It’s here that bacteria can start to form, while extremely dry skin can cause cracking and, eventually, bleeding. 

Get a speciality moisturising cream for feet and put it everywhere apart from between the toes.

If dry skin remains, remove it gently with a pumice stone or foot file. But be gentle. If you scrub too hard you can damage the skin and the returning skin will come back harder than before.

It’s also worth keeping your toe nails in check, trimming them after a wash when they’re soft. Use proper nail clippers and cut straight across. If they are dry, try a little olive oil on them.

Buy the right shoes
After you’ve completed your washing routine, you don’t want to be putting your nice clean feet into something that’s just going to make them dirty and sweaty again. Footwear is important.

The NHS has a good tip on buying new shoes – shop for them in the afternoon. Your feet tend to swell as the day goes on, especially in hot weather. If shoes fit comfortably in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest, you can be assured they will always be comfortable.

Also, go for shoes with a decent sole size as it’ll keep the dirt and water away from your feet. This is especially important in walking shoes or boots.

How socks can keep your feet clean
Like buying shoes, choosing your socks is an important part of good foot health. Go for ones that breathe to help keep them dry.

You can find ones that have specific wicking technology or opt for those made from bamboo. These not only wick moisture away from your feet, but also have anti-bacterial properties to reduce foot odour.

And don’t be tempted to stick on socks from the previous day – even if they smell clean. Bacteria will live in socks, and once you’ve stuck them back on the heat and moisture from your foot will help the bacteria to grow faster.

And make sure you wash them properly. Try adding a liquid disinfectant during the rinse cycle on your washing machine to kill off the bacteria.


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