Quiz: Is your fashion icon Marilyn or Elvis?

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On August 5, 55 years ago, Marilyn Monroe died, while on August 16, 40 years ago, Elvis Pressley passed away. To celebrate the lives of these two mega-icons, we’ve come up with a quiz to decide whether your inspiration is more Marilyn or Elvis…

Are you Marilyn or Elvis?

What’s your favourite drink?
Both were fond of a party, but each had their own preferred beverage. When you head out with your friends and family, do you indulge in a glass of…

A). Coke. The All-American drink – but which American icon favoured it?
B). Champagne. Both were rich enough to enjoy the best – but who liked the fizz?

What’s your favourite food?
Meals played a big part in both lives. What’s your favourite meal?

A). Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. An American favourite. But was it Marilyn or Elvis that like this snack?
B). Steak. American’s love their steak. But was it Californian Marilyn or the boy from Mississippi that love a big slab of meat.

How do you dress to go out?
As style icons, both had their unique way of dressing. Do you try to summon the spirit of Marilyn or Elvis on a night out?

A). Classy and sexy. Mixing style with sex appeal is tough – but one of these two icons pulled it off seamlessly.
B). Bright and garish. Being a fashion icon means forging new paths. And this icon certainly did that with their OTT outfits.

We all change our style throughout our lives. What was your style when you were younger and more innocent?

A). Smartly groomed. There was a distinct style when this icon was growing up. But was it Marilyn or Elvis that like to keep it neat and tidy
in their youth?
B). Relaxed chic. In the early days, it’s nice to keep your style more laid back. Which of the two preferred a more relaxed style?

Are you Marilyn or Elvis?

How do you spend your days off?
When they weren’t off being superstars, they enjoyed a bit of down time with family and friends. What’s your preferred option when chilling out?

A). Walk in the woods. There’s nothing like getting back to nature on your days off. But which star liked to walk in the woods, away from the public eye?
B). Riding horses. In the land of cowboys, it’s no surprise one of our icons loved to ride. But which one was it?

What’s your hobby?
If they’re not walking in the woods or riding horses, Marilyn and Elvis actually had hobbies. What are your hobbies?

A). Cooking. Food played a big part in both Marilyn and Elvis’ lives. But which one loved to cook?
B). Martial arts. As a way to de-stress and keep their figure trim, martial arts is great choice. Was it Marilyn or Elvis that loved to work out?


A). Coke. Elvis – The King loved his Coca Cola.
B). Champagne. Marilyn – of course Marilyn preferred champagne.


A). Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Elvis – he famously liked them deep fried.
B). Steak. Marilyn – while she had a strict diet, she loved a steak. 

Going out…

A). Classy and sexy. Marilyn from that famous white dress to her endless glamour, Marilyn knew how to balance the two looks.
B). Bright and garish. Elvis – he knew how to go big with sequined cape and skin tight jump suits.

Younger days…

A). Smartly groomed.
Elvis – back in the day the king was clean cut and classy.
B). Relaxed chic. Marilyn – when not on set, Marilyn had a classic, relaxed look.

Day off…

A). Walk in the woods. Marilyn the best way to get away from the pressure of stardom was a walk in the woods.
B). Riding horses. Elvis – he rode in a number of films and loved to do so in his spare time.


A). Cooking. Marilyn – while she wasn’t a huge eater, she did love to cook for her loved ones.
B). Martial arts. Elvis – he was awarded a seventh-degree black belt in karate.


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