Which sock type matches your personality?

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Answer our quick questionnaire below and take a note of your answers to find your perfect pair of socks…
Which sock type matches your personality?
How would you describe your style?

  1. Formal with a sprinkling of quirky
  2. As long as it’s made from organic materials and isn’t too high maintenance, I’m usually a fan
  3. I can’t resist a slogan or graphic t-shirt
  4. I’ll take function over fashion any day
  5. My everything

Which of these sounds most like your weekend plans?

  1. Reading through the Financial Times – money doesn’t sleep, even at weekends
  2. Heading for a rural retreat in the great outdoors
  3. Curling up in front of Netflix with the perfect snacks for a binge
  4. A trip to the gym followed by a 10k and cycle, at a stretch some yoga too
  5. Hitting the high street with a credit card

If I were a sock I would…

  1. Add a touch of personality to a sharp suit and tie combination
  2. Be made from sustainable materials
  3. Be covered with the face of my favourite superhero
  4. Provide optimal support and comfort while wicking away sweat
  5. Perfectly accessorise with the rest of an outfit

My lunch tends to be…

  1. Something quick and convenient I can pick up near the office
  2. Home-grown and definitely vegan
  3. Does popcorn count?
  4. The perfect balance of carbs and proteins to fuel my day
  5. A dish from the latest pop-up or recently opened restaurant

What are you watching when you put your feet up at the end of the day?

  1. Catching up on the latest developments on the news
  2. The latest Attenborough documentary
  3. I’ve got all my favourite streams lined up for the month
  4. Have I got time to fit in a quick HIIT circuit?
  5. A period drama so I can marvel at the work of the wardrobe department

If I were a drink I’d be

  1. A strong coffee, the perfect pick-me-up
  2. My home brewed kombucha tea
  3. If Butter Beer is out of the question, I’ll have to be hot chocolate with squirty cream, marshmallows, the works
  4. Sorry, couldn’t hear you over my Nutribullet blending up a protein storm
  5. Instagrammable

The one piece of clothing I can’t live without is…
  1. My perfectly tailored suit
  2. It has to be my DIY jumper
  3. My full Ghostbusters uniform complete with proton pack
  4. Does my smartwatch count? If not, I’m not hitting the gym without my new Nikes
  5. An amazing vintage piece I picked up during my New York shopping spree

Which of the following sounds most like your next holiday?

  1. Does my trip for the convention in Berlin count?
  2. I’m strictly staycationing for now, there’s a great rewilding project I might volunteer with
  3. I’ve already booked my flight to King’s Landing, Croatia
  4. Anywhere I can take my new found love for surfing
  5. I hear Milan is a must

That’s it, you’re done! Have a quick scan of the answers to find your next pair of socks.

If you answered:

  • mostly As: our office and suit socks will help you look the business
  • mostly Bs: our bamboo socks are naturally antibacterial and come in all the colours of the rainbow
  • mostly Cs: our film & tv themed socks are perfect for putting your feet up during your next Netflix binge
  • mostly Ds: our sports socks offer unrivalled performance no matter what gets your heart racing
  • mostly Es: our shoe liners complement any and every look to help keep you on-trend


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