Do compression socks work for running?

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Do compression socks work for running? If you've ever lined up at your local Parkrun or pounded the streets for a marathon, chances are you’ll have seen a fair few runners sporting compression socks. The question is why do they wear them? And do they actually make a difference? SOCKSHOP put our best foot forward to find out.

Do compression socks work for running?
Nowadays, everyone from performance athletes to regular pavement plodders can be seen wearing compression socks. In fact, over the last decade or so this kind of performance legwear has seen a huge surge in popularity, crossing over from the medical world into sporting life. But why? Let's find out.

Compression socks for running

Let's start with the science. Or lack of science to be exact. In truth, there are very few concrete scientific studies that have proven that compression socks aid performance and recovery. Having said that, there are widespread theories that compression socks can have a range of benefits, such as increasing oxygen delivery to muscles, boosting circulation and speeding up the removal of lactic acid, which can cause aches and cramps.

If there’s no hard and fast evidence to prove their effectiveness, why are compression socks so popular amongst runners today? Well, speak to any compression sock convert and they’re bound to give you an encyclopaedic list of anecdotal benefits. They might tell you that compression socks help them to run faster for longer and that their legs aren't as sore after a long run or a major race. Sounds good to us!

Many runners are convinced that compression socks can boost their performance, prevent them from getting injuries and help them to recover quicker from intense workouts and gruelling races. Here at SOCKSHOP, we're big believers in doing what feels best for you. So if compression socks make you feel like you’re going to squeeze out a few extra seconds or miles of performance, then we think you're on to a winner.

Running compression socks at SOCKSHOP

If the sound of energised legs that keep coming back for longer, faster, more frequent runs appeals to you then you might like to check out our complete range of compression socks for running. With an extensive selection of ladies’ compression socks and men’s compression socks from big brand names like Puma and running specialists like 1000 Mile, Feetures and Compressport, we’ve got your running legwear needs all wrapped up and under one roof.

So why not try them for yourself? You never know, that new PB or ultra-distance you’ve been working towards could be one cushioned step closer with the performance gains you might get from wearing running compression socks. Check out our full selection of compression socks for runners online today. For more information about any of our SOCKSHOP products or for help with orders, please contact us on 08000 195 667.


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