What types of socks are best for sweaty feet?

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Sweaty feet are the scourge of socks and shoes the world over. We've all experienced the damp, clammy, sometimes smelly, sensation of having sweaty feet. Not only can this be embarrassing but sweat-soaked feet can also rub on socks and shoes, causing painful blisters and chafing. But all is not lost. You just need to find the right sock material, as SOCKSHOP is here to explain.

What types of socks are best for sweaty feet?

The causes of sweaty feet

There are several reasons why our feet get sweaty. One of the main culprits is wearing unsuitable socks. What we mean by that is overly thick socks that are made of the wrong material for the season or even that day. For example, while thick cotton socks might be fine in winter, they'll do you no favours in the warmer months of spring and summer.

Cotton is a great everyday material. It's durable, comfortable and warm. But sometimes too warm because cotton fibres retain heat. They also absorb moisture, rather than wicking it away and allowing it to evaporate into the atmosphere. This unholy combination is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which convert odourless sweat into the whiffy pong we're (unfortunately) all so familiar with.

Another major culprit in the war against sweaty, smelly feet is poor hygiene. Whilst it might seem obvious to suggest washing your feet and changing your socks daily, we've all been guilty of neglecting our hygiene duties from time to time. Maybe we’ve forgotten to do the weekly clothes wash. Or perhaps the “sniff test” suggests we can get another day out of our socks. Either way, don't do it! If you want fresh smelling feet, the best thing you can do is to treat your tootsies to a daily scrub and fresh, breathable socks.

Of course, we touched upon it earlier, but when the mercury rises during the spring and summer months, sweaty feet are as inevitable as soggy bank holidays and penalty shootout heartbreaks. So it' a good idea to tailor your socks to the weather conditions of the day. Just as you might wear a lighter and looser fabric like linen in the summer, so you should opt for lighter, more breathable sock materials to keep your feet cool and odour-free.

Sweat-resistant sock material


Bamboo socks are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating and wick away moisture to keep your feet fresh and dry. Bamboo contains a naturally occurring anti-microbial bio-agent, called ‘bamboo kun’. This same clever substance that makes bamboo plants resistant to pests (which means no pesticides) is also what makes natural and organic bamboo socks antibacterial, antifungal and odour-resistant.


Historically, if you wanted to keep your feet well aired and sweat-free you’d be advised to stay away from manmade fibres, like polyester. However, the legwear industry has made great strides towards making polyester blends that are lighter and drier than before. They’re often combined with performance materials like Lycra for its stretch and CoolMax technology to keep your feet dry and comfy.

Merino Wool

Once again, the thought of donning woollen socks to minimise the chances of a sweat tsunami between your toes might seem counterintuitive at first glance. But not all wool is created equal. Merino wool is thinner and softer than regular wool and not only helps to regulate body temperature, but its porous fibres do an incredible job of wicking sweat away from your feet as a vapour. Plus, it absorbs odours caused by bacteria.

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