Christmas sock wrapping master class

Posted by Danielle

Okay, we know socks are exciting enough as it is, but we've come up with a couple of methods to dress them up when it comes to the wrapping this Christmas.

What you'll need

A selection of wrapping paper
Sticky tape
Ribbons and bows (optional)

Gift Tags
Plenty of our sock styles come with gift tags already attached for you to add your own message. Be as heartfelt or as simple as you like.
Gift Tag

The classic sock wrap

Step 1: Cut out a section of wrapping paper big enough to fit around the socks and place the socks lengthways in the paper.
Classic Wrap Step 1
Step 2: Fold the outer sides in on the socks so the paper fits snugly around them and secure with a piece of tape.
Classic Wrap Step 2
Step 3: Fold each of the open ends inwards and up to seal, and secure with tape.
Classic Wrap Step 3
Step 4: Decorate with ribbon and bows if you like. Run a length of ribbon down the middle of the present lengthways, loop around the back, twist in the middle and bring the ribbon around the sides so you've created a cross shape. Tie into a bow, or secure with tape and add a bow.
Classic Wrap Step 4
Use this method to wrap multiple pairs too. Either place them side by side in a larger piece of paper, or pile them up.
Classic Warp Multiple
The crafty sock wrap
Step 1:  Roll up one pair of socks from toe to heel and cut out a long section of wrapping paper.
Crafty Wrap Step 1
Step 2: Place the rolled up socks in the paper, roll the paper around them and secure with tape.
Crafty Wrap Step 2
Step 3: Scrunch the ends on either side of the sock and secure with tape so you've got what looks like a Christmas cracker!
Crafty Wrap Step 3
Step 4: Decorate the scrunched up ends with ribbons and secure in a bow.
Crafty Wrap Step 4
Use this method for multiple pairs of socks too. Just line them up side by side in a longer section of paper.
Crafty Wrap Multiple
The mini gift bag

If you're an advocate of the gift bag (or just feeling a little lazy), grab a few mini gift bags - the perfect size to stick a pair or two of socks in!
Gift bag
The easy to wrap gift box

Choose from our range of easy to wrap gift boxes - they're even pretty enough to not bother wrapping at all!
Gift Boxes


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