Sock wars – an end to your household debates

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OK, socks might not seem like the cause of much strife between family and friends, but these everyday items could prove the straw that breaks the camel’s back. 
Sock Wars

We help avoid unnecessary arguments with our answers to the great sock debates…

Should you wash them inside out?

The argument goes that when you turn socks inside out you extend their life. There’s always lots of lint in washing machines, which can cover and dull your awesomely bright socks. By turning them inside out you keep them fresh and vibrant.

What’s the answer?

Do we really have time to go around turning our socks inside out before washing them, or is life too short? To be honest, we probably do have time – if you deal with this sock issue, in the long run, you could save yourself a bit of money.

Whose turn it is to wash them?

This isn’t a technical question but more of a peacekeeping one. Ideally, we’d all take turns washing clothing, especially much-needed socks. But in reality, everyone has different tolerances for cleanliness. And it’s not just cleanliness under discussion – if your partner has more socks than you then they’ll wash them less often.

What’s the answer?

It’s your turn. If you’re reading this you’re probably more worried about this issue than the other person and no amount of telling will make them wash more often. In the spirit of peacekeeping, you should wash – but get them to hang the socks up to dry.

Roll or fold?

In the roll corner, they claim that by rolling the socks together you keep a pair as a pair and don’t risk losing any odds. In the fold corner, they say rolling socks damages their elasticity. This not only shortens the lifespan of the sock but also leads to the dreaded droopy sock.

What’s the answer?

While we love socks and like to treat them well, we’re going to have to go with the roll on this one. Simply because we don’t see the fold as a sustainable, long-term plan – it’ll just end in chaos.

Ok to borrow?

Your girlfriend will probably have borrowed your jumper at some point or your son has pinched your hat. But socks? Even freshly washed, is it ever acceptable to borrow another person’s pair?

What’s the answer?

No. Socks are underwear and therefore should only ever belong to one person. Borrowing, even if you’ve got an awesome pair of wool beauties that are perfect for cosying up in winter, is not on the cards.

When to throw out?

Some people chuck socks at the first signs of wear and tear while other hold on to them until they can no longer legally be called socks – they’re more like cotton anklets. But at what point should you be investing in a new pair?

What’s the answer?

Our rule of thumb is that they go as soon as you can see skin through the sock. Or, if you’re feeling brave you could learn how to darn your socks to extend their lives.


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