Which Stars Wars character are you?

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We’ve all pretended to wield a lightsabre or shoot a blaster at some point.

And while we probably pretended to be Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, in real life things are a bit different.

Star Wars Quiz

Find out which character from the Star Wars Universe you are with our simple quiz. And May the Force be with you.

Going out

Getting ready for a night out, what do you pull on?

a)    Little black dress/suit – nothing says I means business more

b)    Nice dress/shirt, comfy shoes – you like to look good but with a practical slant

c)    Jeans and a t-shirt – Keep it casual in case you get into some scrapes

d)    The first thing I find – looks aren’t important, it’s what’s on the inside that counts


What do you pack in your bag when going on holiday?

a)    Anti-histamines – your asthma gets worse in hot countries

b)    Guide book – you like to keep informed about the customs of foreign countries in case there’s an international incident

c)    Hidden money pouch  - to hide your valuables from any prying officials

d) A good book – you’re getting on in years so you’re not one for adventure holidays… anymore. But your mind is still sharp

At work

There’s a deadline fast approaching. What do you do?

a)    Tough love – you put a chokehold – literally – on staff. You’ve got to be firm and make people who don’t succeed an example

b)    Rally the troops – as a natural leader, you bring everyone together to focus on the task at hand

c)    Do a runner – it’s not really your problem so you abandon ship

d)    Have a think – it’s times like this you put your big brain to work


Family events

It’s Christmas dinner with the family. You react with…

a)    Dread – you’ve got a love-hate relationship with your family and it’ll probably end in a fight

b)    Joy – you don’t get to see them as often as you’d like – in fact you feel like you hardly know your own brother

c)    Indifference – as a loner, you don’t really know your family, but are happy to make an effort with the in-laws

d)    Surprise – you always assumed you were the last surviving member of your family



Your home needs a new look. What do you go for?

a)    Geek chic – slick lines, lots of technology and on-trend greys and monochrome

b)    The palatial look – classy, extravagant and powerful, just like you

c)    Shabby vintage – your home is filled with the various items you’ve ‘collected’ on your travels

d)    Natural – lots of wood, water features and even a bit of moss help bring nature into your home

Who are you?

Mostly As - Darth Vader

Powerful and ruthless, you’ve embraced the Dark Side of life and there’s no going back.

Mostly Bs - Princess Leia

A natural leader with a sense of style, you’re a go-getter who’ll stop at nothing to get the job done

Mostly Cs - Han Solo

A loveable loner, you play by your own rules but at heart you’re one of the good guys

Mostly Ds – Yoda
Wise and ancient, you’re adventuring days may be behind you but you’ve still got the brains to outsmart most people


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