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The latest Disney movie is nearly here, and the famed animation studio has been keeping the details close to their chest to wow audiences upon release. Thankfully, we at SOCKSHOP have managed to sneak some information out of the ‘House of Mouse’ so we know a few of the things you can expect from the latest Disney blockbuster, Encanto!
The cast of Encanto at the World Premiere

What can we Expect in Encanto?

This Disney movie looks like it is going to hit upon a few familiar themes while telling a unique story from a fresh perspective. The film centres itself around the Hispanic Madrigal family who live in an enchanted house in the charmed, and charming, town of Encanto that is hidden in the mountains of Colombia. Magic inhabits every nook and cranny in their home and gives each member of the Madrigals a magical ability, such as the power to heal, talk to animals, or super strength.

The story follows the young daughter of the family, Mirabel, who hasn’t received any magical gifts or abilities from living in the enchanted house and struggles to find out why.

Will Mirabel Find her Magical Gift?

The story sounds like a typical underdog tale, but there will be much more to it than that. As the story develops we find out that the enchanted house is in danger of collapsing, and as the family home begins to fall into disrepair Mirabel’s parents and siblings begin to lose their powers. They have only one person they can turn to to help them understand what is going on and how to live in this world without their abilities, young Mirabel. With the magic that surrounds their home and the town of Encanto waning, perhaps Mirabel has found her moment to shine.

The Music and Songs Will be a Highlight of the Film

Disney has a history of bringing us excellent animation paired with timeless songs that we will be singing long after we have finished watching the film, and Encanto looks (and sounds!) like it will do the same.

The amazingly talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer of the smash-hit musical Hamilton and the recent hit In The Heights, returns to Disney. He wrote some of the catchy songs for the Disney movie Moana, and his return to the animation studio has been so influential on Encanto his songs have earned him a writing credit for the script. Lin-Manuel Miranda has even written a rap specifically for the movie, so prepare yourself for that. It is safe to say we can expect some songs on par with A Whole New World from Aladdin and Hakuna Matata from The Lion King. Get your vocal cords warmed up and ready!

Encanto has a New and Improved Animation Style

No animation studio mastered traditional 2D animation quite as Disney did, but in the modern era animated movies have begun to rely on 3D animation and computer-generated graphics. For some Disney fans, this left the animation looking odd or dull and the characters a little less life-like.

For Encanto, Disney has worked hard to bring life to computer-generated animations and have used new lighting techniques, as well as traditional drawing styles, to make Encanto one of the best looking Disney films of the modern era. The music, movements, and story all combine to make Encanto one of the most vibrant and colourful Disney movies in a long time.

The Cast Helps Bring the Story to Life

Many Disney movies in the past have used all-star casts to help generate extra interest and bring more people to the cinema to watch their latest film. Encanto takes a slightly different tactic and has a large ensemble cast that contains some names that people may recognise but is mostly comprised of hard-working, and singing, actors that few people will know well.
Mirabel is voiced by Stephanie Beatriz, in what will be her first lead role in a major movie, who is perhaps best known as Rosa Diaz in the hit TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This movie will give many barely known actors a chance to strut their stuff in a blockbuster movie for the first time. 

To get all your Disney ducks in a row before you buy your tickets, why not start off by getting some Disney socks ready for the occasion? We can’t wait to get down to the cinema to see Encanto in some of our favourite Disney-themed foot fashion! See you there.


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