SockShop imitates art

Posted by Katrina

As you may have guessed, we are rather barmy about socks.

And what we love is discovering other people who love them as much as we do, like John Dowswell.

The Sheffield artist’s latest project has seen him create images of socks and plant them around the city.

To see some of his creations, and the quirky spots he left them in, click here.

Now as tempted as we were to head off to Sheffield and find these socks, it is a bit far from our lovely mill in Bolton (we do only have an hour’s lunch break!).

So we decided to raid the warehouse and plant a couple of fetching Elle and SockShop socks around HQ for everyone else to discover.

Check out our efforts below!

Photocopied sock

Pool table sock

Dishwasher sock

Vending machine sock

Photo frame sock

Next week: a sock recreation of the Mona Lisa perhaps? :P

Katrina x 


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