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Students teach us a fashion tights lesson

Posted by Katrina

The likes of Jessie J, Rhianna and Fearne Cotton nailed the fashion tights look a long time ago, leaving the rest of us mere mortals (i.e. non celebrities) scrambling to figure out how to wear these stylish designs.

For me, the notion that tights can make a bold fashion statement has taken a long time to sink in. There are still those lingering memories from my school days, when I was coerced into wearing thick, black, and to be honest, rather uncomfortable ones by my mum (who clearly never shopped at SockShop!).

But times have changed since I was at school, and it seems the teenagers that now attend them have changed too. These 21st century girls are fashion-tights savvy, and know how to put them with an outfit.

Take pupils at Manchester High School for Girls, for example. They have recently put on a fashion show to raise money for the school’s bursary fund, and after receiving a tights donation from us which included some of our most popular designs – the House of Holland for Pretty Polly alphabet tights and Elle rose lace net tights - put together a number of rather fabulous outfits. 

Check out some of the pictures from the night below.

striped_dress_small.jpg border_cop3.jpg blue_sparkly_dress_small.jpg
black_sparkly_dress_small.jpg border_cop3.jpg pink_frilly_small.jpg
Photography by Jonathan Oakes

Lady Gaga-inspired head gear aside, it seems the students have taught me a few lessons about how to rock fashion tights!

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