The phenomenon of the missing sock

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By Katrina McLachlan

Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, the giant black cat that roams the British countryside; there are many myths that to this day cause strong divides between the believers and the sceptics.

But there is a phenomenon that unites one and all, mystifying people for centuries, stumping scientists and generally causing widespread confusion and head-scratching - the phenomenon of the missing sock.

There have been countless reports of ‘missing sock experiences’ over the years, with rumours of government investigations into the disappearances resurfacing every once in a while.

The latest witness to publicly come forward and share her experience is Rhiannon Thomas, 24, from Swinton, who claims to have been affected by the phenomenon last Sunday while she was doing her laundry.

She said: “I was taking my clothes out of the dryer and folding them up like normal, when I got down to the socks and realised, one was missing.

“I swear, both went in to the dryer. I only washed two pairs this week - some new ELLE trainer socks - and one of them has just disappeared. ”

She added: “You hear these tales of missing socks, but I never thought it would happen to me.”

border3.jpg rhiannon_dryer.jpg
Rhiannon with one Elle sock.The other has gone missing
missing_sock_copy.jpg border3.jpg

So what is it that causes socks to disappear in the time between they are put into the laundry basket and taken out of the dryer?

There are a number of theories: time travel, alien activity and being eaten by a type of tumble dryer creature just some of them.

Professor Ash, from the University of Deanechurch, believes the answer could be a missing sock space-time continuum.

She explains: “Many of us believe there are alternative universes out there, so why not for socks?

“The combination of heat and movement from the tumble dryer could somehow be causing a rip in the time-space continuum and resulting in our socks falling through to another world.”

It is an interesting theory, but without any proof we are still no closer to finding out the mystery of the missing sock.

You may have a better chance of spotting Nessie instead. 


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