What colour tie should you wear for an interview?

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We all have a colour we think suits us, but what does that choice say about you? Colours are believed to hold different psychological powers, and often could say a lot more about your personality, mood, and emotions than you think… For example purple is often a colour associated with royalty and luxury, whereas red is often thought of as powerful. So it’s important to pick the right colour tie for an interview and SOCKSHOP is here to help!

What colour tie to wear to an interview?

Although colour psychology is not a perfect science, experts do believe the right colour may help you get your message across and become memorable. That big job interview may have 10 other people interviewing; you know you’re qualified, so how else can you stand out? The answer is colour! 

Those 10 people will all be wearing a similar outfit, often with a neutral colour scheme. But not you. You could be wearing a red, blue, or even a yellow tie and automatically become unique…

So what colour should you wear for that big interview? How do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Choose black to be considered powerful, serious, and intelligent

Man in black suit, white shirt and black tie

Black is often seen as a strong colour. When you wear black you can often be considered sophisticated and classy. Wearing black – particularly a black tie with a black suit – is commonly seen at formal events such as weddings, funerals, and cocktail parties. This could evoke a sense of seriousness and formality. 

Be cautious when wearing all black. It could make you slightly too intense for an interview.

Wear a blue tie to appear trustworthy, confident and reliable

Man in navy suit with white shirt and blue polka dot tie and pocket square

It’s no coincidence that we see blue ties on public figures. This is often because it’s connected with a sense of trust and calm, linking to the natural world. 

Psychologists held a study and found that darker shades of blue often signal strength and intelligence. For example, we see powerful people wearing blue, such as police officers, pilots, and politicians. Although, lighter blue can present you as friendly and approachable. 

A blue tie could be a great choice for a job interview!

Choose a green tie to be considered caring, assured and full of vitality

Man in dark grey suit with check waistcoat and emerald green tie and pocket square

Green is often linked to nature and money. It can come across in a variety of different ways, depending on the tone. 

A bright green could be distracting and not pair well with some suit colours. This could lead to people remembering the tie rather than who wears it. 

Although, a subtle green or forest green can come across as caring and full of life. Greens have often been considered the colour of rebirth and life with its link to nature. This is why we often see health brands (sports, food, medical industries) use green in their marketing.

Choose a yellow tie to be considered happy, energetic, and creative

Man in blue suit with yellow tie and sunflower buttonhole

Yellow is not the obvious choice for a job interview. However, if you are interviewing for a creative industry it might be perfect for you. 

Colour studies have suggested that yellow helps to produce serotonin in the brain. It can therefore lift the mood and make those around you more positive. All of which can’t help when in an interview!

Wear red to be passionate, vibrant and strong

Navy suit with white shirt and red tie

Throughout history red has always been seen as a vibrant colour that equals strength and vibrancy. From royalty to giant companies, many use it to seem influential. 

The best thing about red is that it goes with a variety of suit colours, including black, grey, and navy! So if you want to look like the boss of the boardroom, red could be the colour for you!

Opt for a print to appear unique, outgoing and personable

Striped ties laid out in a row

Multicolour doesn’t have to mean garish! Don’t shy away from a patterned tie, or a bold print. 

If you’re going for a job where your role is to be outgoing and personable, a print could be a perfect choice. Use the above colour tips to guide you! 

We know that picking a tie is only one factor when going for a job interview, but now you can pick with confidence! Be as bold as you want and don’t let colour scare you. Consider the event, the job role, and the impact you want to have, and you can’t go wrong!

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