Buying socks for babies and toddlers

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The clothing options for babies and toddlers seem endless. And when it comes to choosing the right socks for the little ones, it can be a bit of a minefield.
Baby socks

But worry not – we’re here to guide you through one of the many struggles you’ll face as a new parent…


Choosing the right sock size is key. Too big and they’ll fall off. Too small and they’ll impede circulation.

Fortunately, most early-age socks are flexible enough that a ‘new born’ sizing will fit most babies. At least for the first few weeks.

But this is when the problems start, as babies grow at different rates. Your tiny tot might need new-born socks for the first couple of months, while others will be on to 0-6 months almost immediately.

As they’re relatively cheap to buy, get a few packs of new born and some 0-6 months before the birth. Then just see which ones fit. If you find a brand that fits well, stick with them for the first few years.


You might love the feel of your cashmere socks, but when it comes to babies it’s best to stick with cotton.

Infants’ skin is usually far more sensitive than ours so even the softest wool could easily cause irritation. You also want them to breathe so they don’t overheat.

Cotton is also pretty hardy, so will last through their attempts to take those all-important first steps.

Polyester can work, especially for more active toddlers who will start to sweat when running about outdoors. It doesn’t shrink as much as cotton in the many washes it’ll go through.

Wool can be used for older kids, especially during the winter when they’re going to be in the cold for extended periods like on family walks or playing in the snow.

Baby socks

The sole

One area that kids’ socks differ from (most) adult socks is on the underside. The grip provided here can be vital, not just as they start to take their first steps but even earlier. As babies start to crawl, they’ll need every bit of help, so a bit of grip on the socks can help them to propel themselves along.

As they get older and start to walk, they’ll still need a bit of grip especially when they first encounter polished wood flooring. Otherwise, they’ll be falling on their bottoms all day long!


From animal patterns to plain white, the choice of socks for kids is enough to make even the biggest fashion fanatic adult green with envy.

But what do you go for? An easy option is choosing a single colour as you’ll be able to pair them together. White is a common choice but they can soon get dirty.

It’s best, as with adults, to let the wardrobe dictate the sock choices. But don’t feel too restricted by this. After all, if a kid can’t wear bright red socks with yellow trousers then what is the world coming to.




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