The Best Kids’ Winter Socks

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As soon as the winter weather approaches and the temperature starts to drop, it is important that you have the right clothes and accessories to keep warm. However, while you may find it easy enough to stay wrapped up during the winter, it is a lot harder when it comes to your kids. Your little ones can be difficult enough to get dressed and ready each morning, but encouraging them to wrap up warm can add a considerable amount of time and stress to your day. 

It is fair to say that no parent wants to have to deal with snotty noses, tantrums, and complaints about cold feet. So luckily for you and your little ones we have a vast range of winter socks for kids at SOCKSHOP. No matter what the occasion is, your kid's tootsies can stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter months.

The Best Kids' Winter Socks

Kids hiking socks

It may not be that difficult to find the best winter socks for kids to keep their feet warm on a regular basis, but it is another matter entirely if you want the best socks for kids during exercise. 

Our Made In Finland unisex kids hiking socks offer the perfect mix of cotton and merino wool that holds in the warmth and a regular thickness so that they fit perfectly inside your kid's shoes. They come in a range of sizes and colours and come with a fitted heel and mid-foot elastic grip to help keep the socks in place. This is always handy when you have a small child that loves nothing more than running around a lot.

Super soft slipper socks

Keeping your kids warm around the house can be quite a chore. You don’t want them walking their outdoor shoes around the house. Luckily we have these super soft slipper socks, which are firm favourites with kids due to how cute and colourful they are! 

These are the perfect socks for a lazy day at home as they are super fleecy, comfortable and your kids will actually want to wear them. 

As well as coming in a range of sizes, you can choose from either the fluffy pink unicorns or the cute green dinosaur, and both come with an embroidered face. Oh, but don’t worry about safety as these also come with slip-resistant treads to help prevent accidents.

SOCKSHOP Heat Holders

Our heat holders range of socks for kids have been one of our best sellers this winter, and the great thing about them is that they come in a range of different styles and themes. 

From Marvel’s Captain America and Spider-Man to Star Wars Storm Troopers and Harry Potter thermal socks, there is a range for everyone with our cartoon socks

These Heat Holders work so well at creating and holding the heat because they trap warm air from the inside of the cuff to the toe bed to help keep your little one’s feet shielded from the cold. These socks offer the ultimate thermal performance and of course have anti-slip tread soles so they are also super safe.

Bamboo and organic cotton gift boxed socks

If you are looking for the best winter socks for kids that also make for a great Christmas present this winter, then these bamboo and organic cotton gift boxed socks are made from a warm and comfortable material. With a bamboo and cotton mix, these socks are breathable and soft to protect your little one's young and delicate skin. 

These socks also come with smooth toe seams to help prevent any rubbing with elasticated cuffs to ensure your little one’s feet are always cosy and comfortable. 

The good news is that thanks to our huge range of winter socks for kids you can find the perfect pair for every eventuality. Whether you want to keep your kid's feet cosy and comfortable at home, or safe while out and about, SOCKSHOP has everything you could ask for!


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