5 alternative uses for old socks

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When your socks eventually come to the end of their life, don’t throw them out. We’ve got a few ways to upcycle them.

Upcycling is all the rage these days. From transforming disused packing crates into coffee tables, to using old baked bean tins as plant pots.

And socks are no different.

While they may no longer be suitable for your feet (or you’ve just decided you fancy a new pair), thanks to their design and sturdy construction they’ll enjoy a long and useful second life around the home. 
There’s always one odd sock – now you can put it to good use
There’s always one odd sock – now you can put it to good use
1.    The army sock trick

This is an old army trick for keeping your drinking water cool. When in hot countries on drills, soldiers often top up their water on the go. But in the harsh sun, it warms up quite quickly.

What they do is soak a sock in water (it doesn’t need to be cold water), then put their water container inside the wet sock and leave it for 15 minutes. Et voilà! - cool water.

The wet sock acts as an insulator, keeping the water inside cooler for longer.

2.    Ice cool

This is another great way to keep yourself cool – stick a bunch of ice cubes in your sock and hold to your neck or wrists.

Socks make an easier ice cube holder than a tea towel, as the socks’ design means they (and you) can hold the ice better. You can also find a sock with the right thickness so you get the cooling effect without freezing your skin.

3.    A great filter

Socks help your feet breath because they’ve got lots of tiny little holes in them. These holes can also be used as a quick and easy filter: 
  • A strainer – make sure they’re clean and use them to strain things. Great for squeezing out the last bit of moisture from potatoes before frying
  • Find your missing earrings (etc.) – attach the sock to the end of a vacuum cleaner and pick up small items like earrings and hairclips without hoovering them up into the bag
  • Pebbles from sand – you’ll need a woolly sock with more space in the weave but you can use it to filter out pebbles from sand for gardening

4.    Cleaning your home

Old socks make a great substitute for a cleaning cloth.

You can stick them on your hands for easy scrubbing. Spray them with a little furniture polish to buff up your woodwork, or put them on the end of a pole to help clean and dust those hard to reach places.

They’re also great for cleaning shoes – you don’t have to worry about dirtying cloths, just use old socks.

5.    Make new friends

For a quick and easy toy to keep your kids entertained, you can’t beat a sock puppet.

You don’t even need to decorate them further than a few spots for eyes.

But we recommend going a bit crazy and sticking on some hair, googly eyes and a tongue. Your kids will love them.

Before you start upcycling your old socks, make sure you’ve got a new pair coming in the post.


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