How to: dress for a heatwave

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During these rare, roasting hot days, the temptation is to strip down and shed your clothes. But you can still be stylish and comfortable this summer by following our tips on dressing for a heatwave.
How to: Dress for a heatwave
Brightly-coloured socks or tights are a great way to add a splash of summer

Shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses. That’s pretty much it, right?

Well, that’s the basics. But to stay fresh and comfortable all day long, putting a little more thought into your summer wardrobe goes a long way. Starting with…

Picking the right socks

Wearing the perfect pair of socks during long, hot summer days is vital. They’ll stop your feet from getting sweaty by midday and help prevent the dreaded, stinky shoe.

When your feet sweat, the perspiration causes friction between the shoe and foot making things somewhat uncomfortable.

Look for socks that wick moisture from the foot like these bamboo socks - perfect for wearing with trainers. 

  • Top tip: Stick your socks in a plastic bag and refrigerate them overnight! Take them out half an hour before you want to wear them and, hey presto, cool feet!


Comfy and natural underwear

When it comes to bras, try and find one made from the natural fibres, like cotton or wool.

These breathe far more easily and help remove that moisture from your skin.

Make sure you’ve got one that fits just perfectly. Bras without an underwire can be more comfortable during the scorching days too.

Same too goes for pants – look for something natural and comfortable. Lazy Panda underwear uses bamboo fibres to help absorb moisture. 

Top tip: Knickers made from synthetic materials can be worn during the hot days as long as they are breathable.

The scarf – an added layer of protection

OK, so it might not sound like the perfect match, but light scarves are a great way to shade your skin during the summer from the harmful UV rays.

Naturally, they shouldn’t replace sunscreen, but can still offer that extra layer of protection. It’ll add a splash of colour to your outfit and can be worn over the shoulders or even draped over your head.

Top tip:
Scarves don’t provide the SPF protection of sunscreen so always be sensible and carry some with you. 


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