Why is bamboo so good for socks?

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The favourite food of cuddly pandas is now being widely used in fabrics - for everything from socks to running tops. We take a look at bamboo’s rise in popularity and why it’s perfect for your feet. 
Bamboo fibre can help you regulate your body temperature

When you imagine bamboo you might think of lush forests in China filled with giant pandas. You probably don’t think about socks. 

But there’s a lot to like about using the fast-growing plant as a fabric, as it:

  • Uses less water to grow than cotton
  • Has few natural pests so is easy to maintain
  • Uses less dye than cotton

But it’s when it reaches your feet that it really starts to shine. Here are 5 reasons why we love bamboo socks:

1.    Keeps your feet dry

When it’s in the ground, bamboo can absorb around 3 times its own weight in water. This is part of what helps it grow so fast.

This amazing property is kept during the production process, so no matter how much you sweat, your socks will keep the moisture away from your skin and help it evaporate off.

2.    It’s a soft touch

Bamboo is super-comfy and soft, which is why many people compare it to cashmere – but without the high price tag.

Bamboo has very fine, round fibres which means it can be worn close to the skin without irritation – even for those allergic to other fabrics like wool.

The long fibres in bamboo also mean it is less prone to pilling, and washes well, keeping its softness for longer.

3.    Doesn’t get too hot

Thanks to the make-up of its fibres, bamboo has great thermal regulating properties. This means it can keep you cool in the warm weather and warm when it gets colder.

The cooling property is caused by the wicking as water is pulled from the skin cooling it down. The fibre’s micro-holes also allow better ventilation.

Meanwhile, the cross-sectional fibres trap in the body’s warmth during cold spells, keeping your feet cosy when the nights get colder.

4.    Bacteria’s worst enemy

Studies have found on bamboo fabric, over 70% of all bacteria die. Not only that, but it also has anti-fungal properties.

This great news for your feet and socks, as it is the bacteria and fungus that cause feet to smell.

5.    Stops sun burn

Yes, bamboo has the equivalent UV protection against the harsh sun as SPF40 sunscreen.

Comparatively, cotton often scores low on the protection scale if it’s untreated.

This means, you can kick off your shoes this summer without worrying about getting sunburned feet. 

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